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It is not easy to find the best yoga mats and is endless. I run a blog about yoga supplements, and within about a year I noticed that the same carpets remained on the bestseller list. Amazon's customer reviews have confirmed that people are very happy with these products and no one complains. I also noted that some people were always dissatisfied with the use of their carpets in Bikram or Hot Yoga classes. I am sure that a yoga mat does not have the ability to absorb an average sweat like an average American benevolence during a typical hot yoga practice, so I ignored this bad feedback.

Based on my personal experience, user feedback, friends and yoga teachers' suggestions, and after reading on the internet, I chose the absolute best yoga mats that are guaranteed to anyone.

first number. Manduka BlackMat Pro.

This is a heavyweight champion in the yoga industry. Manduka carpets are carefully designed and perfected by a very dedicated group of people. This company started collecting feedback from the best yoga teachers and obtaining free samples. For a decade in business, this is … Bentley of the Yoga Carpet World. These carpets are heavy, thick and very luxurious. You will never slip, slip or travel on the Manduka carpet. These babies are designed for high loads and last for many years with moderate use. The only problem is cost, but you can't really expect that this kind of quality is less than $ 100.

2nd number. The pRANA revolution.

It is also a very expensive carpet, but definitely worth it. Revolution consists of three layers of naturally biodegradable rubber and a dual tool. The rubber layers are thermally laminated without adhesive. These carpets are not only environmentally friendly, but also very durable and very attractive. If the Manduka carpet has too much black glory, this carpet is lighter, more durable and different in color than black.

3rd number. The Jade Harmony Professional.

This is indeed a professional quality yoga mat that significantly reduced previous elections. The reason for this is much more porous material, which on the one hand is less durable, but on the other – more absorbent and much easier. Jade rugs are available in many attractive colors and are completely biodegradable. My personal choice.

Please visit my blog to rate other great yoga mats and accessories.

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