Benefits of yoga posture – Triangle Pose

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The triangle is important, or Trikonasana is admired with many advantages. In this situation, many elements are assembled to create physical, mental and curative changes. This asana improves the shape of the legs, spine nerves and abdominal organs; strengthens its lower end; and fully extends and extends the whole body. Three Important Sessions of Hatha Yoga:

  • The strength and strength of feet and feet are well-founded
  • The stability and strength of the limbs and torso are created
  • Balance of body and mind develops [19659005] to move a little bit at a time; you should take a short step when you accept the basic triangle posture. This prevents the legs, knee and lower extremities from breaking. Once the elasticity of the limbs has improved, you can easily increase your pace. As you stretch your arms, torso and feet during exercise, you feel that the limbs and torso are stretched and the energy ripples pass through it. After accepting poses, take a deep breath and breathe:

    • Opening the chest, lungs and heart
    • Reassuring comfort of the limbs
    • Conscious balance of mind and body (same)

    ] Extended triangle Street (Trikonasana Utthita) and Twisted Triangle Pose (Thirikonasana)

    When you perfect the basic poses, you are ready for the extended triangle and Twisted Triangle and enjoy the unlimited benefits they offer. There are many therapeutic rewards and benefits for the body and the mind. The healing aspects of posture include reducing back pain, relaxation caused by cervical chills. The posture of the triangle benefits those who are shortened due to the broken hip or bones of the legs; stretches the affected leg and corrects any other minor abnormalities in the legs. The abnormalities of the arms and the displacement of the backbones can also be fixed with asanas.

    Through these exercises some positive bodily changes can be experienced. Your feet, hip and vertebrae become more elastic and stronger. This will have a good shape for the spinal nerve and abdominal organs. Your chest muscles are widening and the cavities in it expand. Your breathing will be controlled and powerful. Your body will be light. The blood flow in the abdominal area is renewed; the appetite will improve better and the digestive system's performance will improve and relieve constipation.

    The triangle benefits many of the brain. This posture liberates the thought of worry and excitement and allows you to focus attention on the subject you want. Positive thinking develops and reduces constant concern about the state of health. The situation ignites and directs the rush of vitality (prisic) to spleen, liver, colon, gall bladder, small intestine, and heart. It also controls the energy flow and prepares the body for meditation. Holisticly, the posture of the triangle forms and cleanses the body of all damage and dirt, and tune the mind toward self-knowledge; when this happens, the primary benefit of yoga, the acquisition of divine mergers

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