Benefits of Power Yoga

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After the morning sunshine, yoga provides energy throughout the day. If you pair with short night-time routines, you will be rested. Some of the asana will help you humiliate and energize in the morning. Since yoga begins with breathing, it helps to get the right breathing. Proper breathing helps keep the rhythm and keep good habits. The breathing exercise in the asanas makes you energy and consciousness throughout the day. Exercising yoga with others is honest and convenient for a team. Yoga is a good purpose for strength, weight loss, flexibility and many more. In addition, it helps to train pregnant women, athletes and others. Power yoga also helps you to be patient with breathing. It helps to summon your nerves and soothe your whole being. Some of the strengths of yoga are listed below.

first Expanded Angle Pose – This is also called Utthitha Parsvakonasana, which can greatly help those who wanted to remove the pounds from your side. Stand straight on the floor. Turn your right leg at a 90 degree angle; keep your left leg as then, then lower your body a little. Place your right hand over the right thigh and lift your left hand up. Then put it on your right side, on your head. Look at the right. Repeat this activity on the left. Hold it for a minute, relax.

2nd Eagle Pose – Another good post for weight loss, best for those who want thinner legs, arms, hands and thighs. Stand upright on the ground, your hand on your side. Raise your left leg and bend it to your knees. Then connect it around your right leg. Raise your arms, take it on your chest, then roll your left hand over your right hand. Look straight for several minutes and relax.

3rd Pigeon Pose – Known as Mayurasana, it is good to leave excess fats in the area of ​​the abdomen. First, knock on the floor, then snapping on his heel. Hold your hands on the floor with your fingers facing your body, palms on the floor and your thumb pointing outwards. Place your elbows so that your belly is pressed. Get your feet back and then stretch them. Raise your body to balance your feet and hands. Keep your feet and body alive with the floor. After three or five breaths, relax.

4th Cow-face Pose – The other name of asana is Gomukhasana. It tones your muscles and loses the fats. This is a healthy workout. Do it by sitting on the floor and stretching out of your feet, stretching them completely. Bend your knees and hold your feet on the floor. Place your left leg beneath your right knee to stay outside your right hip. Keep your right leg above the left foot. Now bend both hands backwards from your elbows and pull them up. Be sure to place your left hand behind your palms, under your neck, underneath the neck. Now keep some breath and relax.

5th Sitting backpack – the so-called Paschimottanasana, is one of the best ways to reduce weight, especially those who want to remove abdominal fat. It needs to be ground on the floor and keep it in the right position and widen the leg on the front. Then exhale and bend your torso towards the front until your hands reach your toes. Try touching your toe. Hold your forehead on the opposite side of the calf or on your knees. Stay calm for a minute, relax.

Power Yoga burns your calories, increases stamina, flexibility, sound and strength. This promotes blood circulation and increases the immune system. It also helps to relieve stress and stress, and body detoxification from sweating.

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