Balancing nutrition and baby

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A full-time mother can have a lot of work. Sometimes it seems like juggling. And sometimes you feel like you're in a tight rope to fall over. You're not alone. But it doesn't have to be that way. And fortunately, there are some ways to deal with stress and still on top of things.

When we emphasize, our bodies produce higher levels of cortisol, making them more sensitive to abdominal fats. Higher levels of abdominal fat involve an increased risk of heart disease. Stress-induced nutrition is another cause of weight gain, which can negatively affect our health.

By managing stress, you will not only spend more time on your tasks, but also a healthier and happier person. From a nutritional point of view, it will be beneficial if it takes time to eat and it is scheduled with its eating routine.

Here are some tips for treating stress:

1. Eat Breakfast – Choose a heart healthy breakfast. Malt-o Meal not only fills you, but also provides 60% of daily iron intake and is reinforced with folic acid and B vitamins. Carbohydrates keep you. Studies show that eating breakfast not only prevents hunger, but also prevents binging later, but we have more energy to start our day.

2nd Plan ahead – travel package while your baby is sleeping. By ensuring that everything is checked, it can prevent you from getting into a sticky situation later. Refusing to refill diapers and clothing can be a "disaster"; when nature calls and you're on the road.

3rd Plan your meals before the scheduled time. Buy or prepare for the week. Buy foods that satisfy both you and your baby. Although baby food purchased in the store is comfortable and we have more organic options today, fresh food is always the best. The Vitamix blender can do a great job and save you some time. Keep what you need in the refrigerator and leave the residue if necessary.

4th Clean it and wash it as it goes – It will not only make your house cleaner and unhealthy, but will not overload it later. At the end of the day it can be huge if we find a pile of dishes in the sink.

5th Make the most of every opportunity – Every time your baby is busy with a game or a brother, take a moment to do a light chores around the house.
Take the time to enjoy the game with the little boys – In the present moment, not only is it more fun, but you do not think of all the things you need to do by stifling stress.

6th Deal with "me time" – When your baby reaches a good 2-hour sunshine, this will give you enough time to paint your nails, read a book, have a nice hot bath or any hobby of your imagination. It also gives you time to relax.

7th Relax – our body needs enough sleep to work well. In fact, if we are in sleep, we are more likely to gain weight. Sleep loss is associated with an increase in appetite, which far exceeds the calorie requirement for extended wake-up time.

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