Bad nutrition also affects people psychologically and physically

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Bad Nutrition Supports diseases, heart problems and many problems. But you knew that education, and even criminal behavior, also affect nutritional problems. Often, when people suffer from nutritional imbalance, they may suffer from psychological imbalances.

The investigation in Virginia Prison was intended to investigate the behavior of detainees when men became more nutritious. At that time, large quantities of sugar and fast food were provided. The diet consists of hamburgers, fried potatoes, white cakes, cakes, sweet snacks, soft drinks and milk screws.

Their diet consumes whole wheat for bread, potatoes, meat, vegetables, fruit and fish. Wondrously, prisoners have violent behavior, and when rusty foods are reintroduced into their diet, their violent behavior has returned.

The Schoenthaler researcher who completed the study of inmates and questioned the effect of this diet on school children. She was surprised to see the positive effects of detainees, and the same positive effects could be seen on children.

He studied at an Arizona school. For four months, their diet became more nutritious, half of the children in the study received vitamin and the other received a placebo.

The results showed that the students who received the vitamin had a remarkable improvement. These children were reduced by about 50% of the abuse. They were less aggressive, devastating and behaving better.

These studies show that bad nutrition not only affects physically but also emotionally and mentally. We must remember that our brain is part of our body and nourishes the nutrients as well as in other parts of our body. So if you do not give the right nutrition, it will not work properly.

Doctors believe that it is impossible to take too little vitamin, so it is usually recommended that patients receive some supplements. But it does not usually make recommendations for fruits and vegetables. Depression, ADHD and aggressive behavior increase without significant nutrition changes.

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