Astro Analysis of Kundalini Yoga

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In every human being there is the source of divine energy, called kundalini, which remains mainly in the resting state of the individual, but when the kundalini energy arises and awakens, the seeker achieves rapid progress in the field of spirituality.

similarities between the human body of the microcosm and the whole universe of macrocosm. All of the elements present in the universe are present in the physical body. The planets and celestial bodies exert astrological vibrations on our physical bodies that further influence our personality and spirituality. In a lay language we can say that at the subconscious level the solar system is our larger body, and the human body acts as a miniature solar system

According to Indian astrology, the essence of the soul is influenced by Sun's position and power. the horoscope. The Moon affects the mind, Mars influences blood, Mercury affects speech and intellect, Jupiter denotes knowledge, Venus is connected to the core network, and Saturn is the agent of mysterious experiences in life.

Aquarius encounters the root chakra, where Leo and Cancer cross the third eye or the Ajna chakra cross each other. The psychic Kundalini gateway is marked by the root chakra and the South Pole as the Ajna chakra.

Astrological Factors Affecting Kundalini Rights:

Kundalini Shakti Axes: The Rahu / Ketu nodes indicate the winding kundalini power axis. Rahu represents the ego and the physical body of his desires and satisfaction, and places it on the northern corner or the root chakra. On the other hand, Ketu is a waiver of material affairs suffered by the South Corner of Crown Chakras, liberation and ultimate freedom. When Rahu successfully reaches his goal of material satisfaction and raises his level to the spirit of Ketu, the rise of Kundalini power begins. In this mystical journey, Rahu unites the root chakra with Ketu in the crown chakra for enlightenment.

Mooladhar or Root Chakra: Saturn, earth element, gives our body a physical shape;

Swadistana or Naval Chakra: Jupiter, Water Element, Rule Sensations and Sexuality

Hara or Manipur Chakra: Mars, Fire,

Anahata or Heart Chakra: Venus, air, thirst, universal love.

Visudhi or Throat: ether, mercury, thyroid and parathyroid, personal rules

Ajna or third particle: no element, sun / moon, pituitary, self-actualization


8. House: Shows Mystic and Secret Techniques of Spiritual Development

Scorpio / Cancer / Fish: watermarks, moxa.

4/8/12 hou

Planetary Conditions of the Kundalini Awakening Horoscope: –

  • In House 8 or House 8 or House 8 8th House Jupiter Indicates Progress of Kundalini Yoga
  • Venus and Tenth Mayor Composed of Square / Correlation / Trine / Resistance / Aspect / Association / Parivartan
  • Sun and Jupiter Effects Hold / Rahu Influences
  • Placing in the Tenth House of the Afterlife or the Moon Indicates a Rapid Spiritual Progress
  • Saturn on Sun's Days Indicates the Spiritual Field, Occasionally Victims of Certain Stages of Life
  • Jupiter and Saturn trine / quadrant denotes each other
  • The rulers of the 9th and 10th houses are in any way indicated by the spiritual.
  • The Atma Karaka [planet in the highest degree in the horoscope] will fall into the study or the house of salvation [4th, 8th, and 12th] and the librational signs [Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces] indicate higher spiritual consciousness.
  • Placement of Jupiter and Ketu or Moon and Ketu in House 12 indicates that it reaches a much higher spiritual plane after death
  • in Horoscope if the number of conditions to be applied is more than then the Kundalini Revival becomes easier and faster

Case Study of a Great Kundalini Yogi Raman Maharishi:

Shri Raman Maharishi [December 30, 1879–April 14, 1950] Tamil Naduban was born to Tamil Brahmin, a spiritual master and well-known

Basic Data of Raman's Maharishi Horoscope


2. House – Scorpio-Mercury and Venus

3. House – Nyilas-Sun and Rahu

4. House – Bak – nil

5. housing – Aquarius-nil

6. House – Fish-Saturn

7. House – Kos-Mars

8. House – Taurus-nil

Moon and Ketu

10. House – Cancer

11. house-Leo-Jupiter

12. House-Virgin-Nil

Astro Raman Maharishi Horoscope Analysis:

  • The Sun and Saturn are rectangular with each other, indicating spirituality.
  • Moon Rising, 9th Sordan, Saturn, and Jupiter 10th.
  • Under Rahu's fiery sign Sagittarius indicates the progress of Kundalini Yoga
  • The day is influenced by Rahu and the Moon is a mystical insight.
  • Raman at the age of 17 at the age of 17 at Mahadasa on Saturn and Mars sub-season

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