Ashtanga Yoga – What Is The Primary Series?

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In Ashtanga, the primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa. The word Chikitsa means therapy. This series is designed to rearrange spell, body detoxification, stamina and flexibility. The primary series of Ashtanga is about half an hour and two hours, and it has about 75 seats. It depends entirely on how well the instructor keeps the postures in the classroom.

Yoga Chikitsa begins with the Surah prayer or the daily greeting. Daily greetings were made to cleanse the body and restore health before being put into other positions. Two types of sun salutations are called surya namaskara A and B. This leads a process that goes through 18 different positions to prepare the body for the next series of asana or positions.

After Surya namaskara, the primary series is standing. They lead yoga through postures that require flexibility but also prepare for the toughest steps that follow in the Chikitsa Separated Version.

  • Triangle
  • Rotating Triangle
  • Expanded Side Angle
  • Reverse Side Angle
  • Wide Leg Sloping
  • 19659014] Hands on Floor
  • Hands in Waist
  • Hands Behind Behind [19659004] Hands Will Hold Big Toes
  • Page Intensive Section
  • Expanded Hand With Big Toes
  • Semi-Tied Lotus
  • Warrior
  • ] Next Chikitsa remains in closed positions, inversions and backs. They are much more difficult to handle than constant ones and require much coordination and concentration. Some imprisoned postures are as follows:
  • Sagittarius intensive section
  • Intensive intersection
  • Half-bound lotus
  • Head on knee post
  • Ships
  • 19659004] Wing
  • Wing Angle
  • Wide Angle Dedicated
  • for some relaxing postures, including upward bow, intensity and body space before launching shoulder racks, which are: [
  • Limbs
  • Limbs
  • Limbs
  • Limbs
  • Embryo
  • Fish
  • Legs and Legs
  • Rising from the headrest
  • Childs pose
  • 19659004] Power Lock
  • Ascension
  • was called the Wave. The body, as its name implies, is the place where the law is so calm that every limb and body is equal to the equality of tranquility.

    Chikitsa is said to be Astanga's most challenging form. This is due to the fact that this series is for beginners and is a long and tiring exercise. Many people find it difficult to start the yoga classes. However, with the right instructor to lead through the primary series, it is fun, healthy, and powerful workout with mental and physical relaxation.

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