Appropriate nutrition for middle-aged men

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If you want to be in a healthy state, be sure to feed your body properly. Unfortunately, most people are slightly bent on the idea of ​​exactly what they are eating the right foods. This is, in fact, a false information question, not just about the people who try to sell you their own meals, but also to those people who should know better. A good example of this is the food pyramid

Although it is a good idea to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables and never hurt enough protein in the diet, many of the food pyramids are not considered appropriate by those who seek to maintain their optimal health. One reason is that this is because it says that a certain amount of meat per day, but that is not necessary. Yes, there is a need for certain proteins to retain muscle mass, but this protein is found in many different sources, including vegetables. The fact that most of the meat in free circulation is so full of chemicals that it really is not suitable to eat. He may have been surprised to find out that supermarkets can now allow meat to look fresh, even if it turns brown over time.

You also need to make sure you have more vegetables per day than the food pyramid is recommended. One of the simplest ways to do this is with a green striping every day. Although not necessarily intimate, it is not only one of the most delicious drinks that can be, but also very delicious. Choose two of your favorite fruit and mix them with a handful or two green in the mixer. Mix a small amount of water and a little ice and, with fine strips, get all the green of the day in a simple serving. Not only that the greens are completely decomposed, so it is easy for your body to be able to assimilate them.

It is also thought that every day five or six small foods have to be eaten, the metabolism is going strong. Although this may help in some way if you eat the right foods you need to eat three times a day. The reason why this is the case is that the body has the opportunity to digest the foods already in use, instead of always working on the digestive tract. This will help your body take full advantage of all of the foods you've put in, even if you have a slightly reduced calorie diet.

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