AMGeneX DNS (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage) from Amega Global – Surprising Cellular Nutrition

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AMGeneX DNS is a new superfood product manufactured by Amega Global.

It is in the saaches and mixed with a drink such as water or juice. The product is infused with Amega's proprietary Amized Fusion Technology, which uses zero-energy to infuse your body with high-energy energy.

The product is the world's first Epigenetic product. This rather new term is the interaction between food compounds and DNA in the body's cells in nutrition-based science. It seemed that what was believed to be this situation – that the DNA was hard-wired and could not be changed – is actually not true. It seems that DNA can be reformatted with the right foods.

We now think that if we consume food that affects our genes and rich phytochemical sources that suggest that DNA is involved in our cell protection mechanisms, we are more likely to help you stay on the wellness track.

Amega Global allowed AmGenex sachets to activate our protective genes by adding sulforaphane (sul-FOR-a-fan) via CellActiv. CellActiv is a highly concentrated form of sulphophophane. It seems that sulforophane is not remarkable for the various benefits, including cell protection. Surprisingly, it comes from the broccoli family of vegetables, which, although not having a particularly high ORAC value (antioxidant value), contributes much more to the health of cells than any other known plant food.

Sulfurphane "is potentially the most diverse, multifunctional and essential for all plant bioactive substances." – (source: Fahey JW Kensler, role of food supplements / nutritional supplements in inducing cytoprotective enzymes in chemoprevention).

Sulforafan in Amega DNA is converted to about 200 plus different genes within the cell. These are necessary for the cell to protect itself. Sulforfan is the most effective known substance that exerts this special effect on the cells of the body, making it more effective in its antioxidant work.

Some of the super fruits in AmGeneX pouches:

ACAI – Exceptional antioxidant and ORAC
AMLA – Supports healthy heart, promotes good blood circulation, promotes cell regeneration and digestion; fixes mental functions
CAMU CAMU – the largest vitamin C content in the world
GOJI (Wolfberry) – Antioxidant carotenoids and zeaxanthin
LO HAN GUO – Natural sweetener, no calories, safe diabetics and hypoglycemia
MANGOSTEEN – High Xantons and Antioxidants
NONI – Queen of Health Plants with Many Different Benefits
POMEGRANIA – Excellent antioxidant properties

All components are active. Unlike other beverage products, AMGeneX did not pass & quot; Hot Fill Pasteurization & # 39; (Between 161 and 280 ° F). AMGeneX did not go through aseptic processing (195 ° to 295 ° F). This is important because pasteurisation kills friendly bacteria and enzymes and significantly reduces nutritional value.

Amega Global has thus produced a first-class nutritional diet that can help (once more) daily its own cells to rebuild their protective genes and maintain optimum wellness.

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