Alternative Therapy: Yoga Intervention to Eliminate Increased Smoking

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Good news for people who want to stop smoking, according to epidemiological studies strongly influence yoga intervention in smoking cessation

Yoga, the ancient practice of harmonized exterior and interior body, meditation, exercise and gesture … best known in the Western world and in some Asian people due to the health benefits of research by various respectable institutions and sponsored healthcare professionals.

at Brown University's Alpert Medical School examines smoking-related characteristics of 8-week randomized controlled trials, testing for yoga like smoking cessation, 55% female, 86% spanish white, 46 years of average age ,

1. Males smoked more cigarettes daily than women, and lower motivation to stop smoking

. Females are more likely to smoke for weight loss, social and moody reasons, and greater desire for yoga efficiency

. His age was negatively associated with the presence of other homemade smokers and smoking in response to negative moods

4. And Age Linked to Better Throwing

Having considered the other founders, researchers said "both men and women have been interested in a program that provides yoga as a supplemental therapy for smoking cessation" [19659005]. the results showed that yoga could be considered as an integrated form to support smoking cessation

Further study of cessation of smoking in a study that investigated the mortality rates of women in a new 8-week yoga and cognitive smoking cessation therapeutic (CBT) intervention with the wellness program and the same CBT intervention, scientists showed that after 8 weeks

1. Innovative treatments are needed to overcome the obstacles to the successful elimination of smoking by men and women referred to in the aforementioned study

. Yoga is an Effective Auxiliary Treatment for Cessation of Smoking

3. Yoga offers an alternative to traditional practice to reduce negative symptoms, which often accompany smoking cessation and predict the decline in smoking among recent deaths.

The findings suggest that Yoga and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) are the outcome of smoking, just as compared to yoga or normal treatments.

The impact of yoga intervention on smoking cessation, researchers at the University of Cincinnati, MEDLINE (PubMed), EBSCOHOST, MEDINDIA, CINAHL, Alt HealthWatch and AMED between 2004 and 2013 suggested that 10 studies meet selected criteria and which resulted in the following results:

1. Yoga participation had a significant effect on smoking cessation in most studies

2. Yoga-based interventions promise to quit smoking

Unfortunately, all of these studies included some limitations, including short follow-up measurements and short intervention intervals, Dr. Dai CL, the leading author in charge

for smoking, age … and the effect of yoga used in conjunction with normal treatment may have a profound effect on smoking cessation in the short term.

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