Alternative Therapy: Yoga, Ancient Technique for Panic And Anxiety Treatment

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Panic and anxiety disorder is a psychological condition characterized by unexpected panic attacks. Sudden periods of sudden fright, heartburn, sweating, tremors, shortness of breath, numbness or the feeling that something really bad will happen.

Yoga, ancient technical practice for harmonized exterior and interior body, breathing control, meditation, exercise and gesture … best known in the West and some people in Asia thanks to health benefits that are respected in different respects research of worthy institutes has been reported and supported by healthcare professionals.

a total of 20 patients with panic disorder were randomly assigned to both experimental groups: 1. group (G1-Yoga: 10 persons) attended yoga classes and group 2 (G2-CBT + yoga: 10) participated in yoga practice combined with a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the researchers produced the following results:

1. Both groups showed statistical analysis of panic disorder, panic-related beliefs, and anxiety levels associated with panic-related body responses

2. The combination of yoga and CBT (G2) showed a better reduction in all observed parameters, only compared to the Yoga group. Considering the soundness of the other founders, Vorkapic CF, "the development of various mental health parameters in combination with simplistic techniques, whether in association with psychotherapy alone" or "joining psychological and physiological variables", can help explain the mechanisms , through which mind-body exercises seek to improve mental health "

MEDLINE, PsycINFO and PubMed review the literature on the quality of panic disorder between 1980 and 2010 that yoga intervention with standard treatment may improve the quality of life of panic disease quality of life, can improve mental and physical health … and this post-treatment in QOL is used in the patient population.

Dr Davidoff J, the lead author, has further come to the conclusion: "understand the nature of the panic disorders (PD) and the finding that additional psychiatric disorders such as exercise, meditation, yoga, humor, massage, and dietary supplements can be used to improve QOL's PD in the normal community level.

Interestingly, reviewing the literature published in PubMed until December 2012 to evaluate the panic effect of supplemental and alternative therapies and anxiety disorders, the researchers also found that

1. Based on the data, evidence of depression was significantly greater than anxiety disorder

2. Yoga for Panic And Anxiety Patients The Quality of Evidence Available

Overall, there is no doubt that yoga can be considered as complementary practice with standard therapy for treating panic and anxiety disorder

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