All you have to do is make a rock teenager yoga class – a checklist Teaching Teens Yoga

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Teaching yoga for teenagers can be a daunting task. They want to gain access to all the benefits they have heard about yoga or to try it out, because their favorite celebrity does this. However, teenagers do not put any garbage on them and call upon you to think that you or yours are not sure about them. Here is a checklist I go through when I prepare my tin. Follow it and be assured that fantastic classes are full of fitting inner strength, fun, and discovering the wonderful yoga world.

1) Learn the Audience

In order to teach teenagers, you must know teens. Touch their world. Find out what's hot, & # 39; and what happened last year. & # 39; You also need to know what yoga level is expected of students. Nowadays, many teenage athletes or extra curricular activities are doing yoga. However, there are still many first timers there. You may be performing classes in both groups, so be sure to have quality education.

2) Design Your Time

Know your time and design it accordingly. The classes can be 50, 60 or 80 minutes long. Make sure you take into account the introduction and talk time. They are ultimately teens and they love to talk. The Yoga Division is a wonderful venue to discuss copying strategies for realistic problems to be flexible and allow sharing. Also, like any good yoga class, you will need a warm-up, training and cooling section in the classroom. Of course, enough time is available for the Corpse Pose (savasana) before sending them to Namaste.

3) Organizing the Flow

This section depends on the objectives of the class. Is this a flow class, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga or Hatha Yoga? You may have a yoga sampling class for teenagers to try different styles. Whichever purpose, be sure to organize your posts according to the yoga teaching guidelines. If you leave a bit more time to your settings and oral education, it's always a good idea to make sure your students put your postures and breathing suits properly and securely.

4) Create a playlist

Teens love music! Give them what they like. Download the most popular hits and create a rock & # 39; playlist. Remember, this is NOT the mother's yoga class. This is a TEEN class. The relaxing meditation course is great during rest, but Rock & Rock, R & B, Alternative, Top40, etc. If you have no idea what your listeners are listening to, ask them to submit suggestions. You can even set up your playlist – half the time.

5) Make Your Own Place

All good yoga instructors arrive early in the classroom. This is nothing else. Classes can be held in community centers, churches, school athletic venues, libraries, etc. Some of these rooms will need extra preparation time. Be sure to check the location of the class you are using and prepare it appropriately for the students. Yoga should not be blocked in their environment.

6) Rock the Yoga World

Showtime! Everything has to be matched and a good time for teachers to enjoy yoga. Some of the benefits should be appropriate. They have higher confidence, greater flexibility, and learning abilities to bring the mattress with you. Do not forget yourself. Be real. Your class can be exactly what you need for a lifelong yoga practice.

That's right. If you follow the "Teaching Teens Yoga" checklist, you will surely find the success. Courses are spicy, entertaining and give teenagers the opportunity to discover their inner rights.

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