Acne and Nutrition – Free face and body of acne without medicines

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Many suffer from the effects of acne. This unbalanced situation has two major effects. The first is the unpleasant physical feeling. From the skin's skin and peeling, itching and pain. The second is mental, which is much stronger. This aspect of acne may also take place after the acne breaks, and this may have a chronic effect from a mental point of view. Since acne is commonly common among teens, there is usually low self-esteem, anger, discomfort and depression. With so much evidence, I can rely on nutrition, vegetables, fruits, cereals and nuts to help acne break out of the root.

Many drugs are made for the appearance of the outside, rather than the source of the problem, rather than the result. This solution is so common that there are two main reasons. The first is the lack of knowledge. People in the industry do not know the whole healing because they try to isolate one of the causes of acne and only deal with it. The second reason is that it is much more useful to sell a product that should be used regularly and then sell a real healing substance that will not be used for a short time or longer.

Please be aware that different skins react differently to different substances, so be aware of the reaction of your skin to any of the above treatments.

Before using any of the above treatments, wash the surface gently with a knot.

  • Tea tree oil. If your acne is inflamed, it is best to cool it and get rid of bacteria that may be the cause of inflammation. Spread some tea tree oil on the surface twice or three times a day.
  • Aloe-Vera plant. If you can get it yourself, not the processed gel, that's the thing. If you do not know, the gel will be okay. Carefully insert the inflamed acne into a soothing and gentle healing.
  • Dried orange peel. Dry an orange peel in the sun, then sand it in water to make a paste. The paste should be drenched until it is dry and then washed.
  • Soda Soda. This treatment should be used with greater caution than others, as baking soda is strong enough and can cause a stronger skin reaction. Make a paste of water and baking soda (2: 1 ratio). Insert it into your skin and massage it for a short time. Wash it in 10 minutes. Twenty minutes later, apply some Aloe-Vera to the skin in the same area. You should try this treatment once and learn your skin reaction as it is not suitable for everyone. If your skin is well treated, you can take this treatment 4 times a day.
  • The bay leaf. The leaf contains an anti-inflammatory agent and acts as antibacterial and antioxidant. Boil 4-5 leaves in 2 cups of water, then keep on low heat for 10 minutes. Leave to sit and cool to room temperature. Leave the water and wash your face or area with acne. The source of the letters for good use is good for the different leaves. You can also use mint and sandalwood.

Many other home remedies for acne, but the above list should be sufficient to begin healing. She does not want to do it and emphasizes the skin. Choose one of the methods and try it for a few weeks. You can always add Aloe-Vera for any treatment.

Keep in mind that all these treatments are the external aspects of acne and do not deal with the root of the problem. Read the previous articles on how to treat the cause of acne. Keep in mind that only by feeding the right foods can we achieve real health. It is essential to have a healthy diet that eliminates the root of the acne and is made up of fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables. Nutrition is a way of a healthy lifestyle and clean, immaculate skin.

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