Abs Nutrition and Exercises

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With a sedentary lifestyle, both men and women suffer from an increasing number of strapping lines. Rusty foods are also well-rounded with absolute results. To have a large abs exercise is not enough, you should have proper nutrition and a balanced workout program. Regular rubbing is often recommended, but if we fit well with absolu, then we have to go over regular basic work.

Supplements must be added to the exercising nutrition. Make sure your food is rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Proteins contain an amino acid that is needed to build muscle and carbohydrates to provide energy to carry out the exercise.

Captain's chairs:

Great workout on the lower abs. You need a hand-held chair. Stand on the chair and hold the hand holders properly to stabilize the upper body. Push your back to the backrest, tie it up absolutely and slowly raise your leg so that your knees are closer to your chest. If you lift your feet, you should not be in the back. However, do not raise your feet as it may cause gastric cancer. Gradually lower your leg and repeat the exercise 12-15 times.


Let her lie down on the ground and put her hand next to her ass. Lift both legs off the floor and lift them up in the air to create a 90 degree angle with the floor. Find your leg like a scissor, with the legs tied together, and then lower your feet slowly from the floor approx. 6-8 inches. Find the legs again, raise your feet again and repeat the exercise 12-15 times.

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