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Yoga comes from India, a "union" between the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga places emphasis on insight, awareness and understanding. To do this, Shani must be practiced, the slowdown between the impulse and the reaction, which naturally promotes attention and introspection and gives us the choice of how to react and not impulsively react to situations and events.

Many people think that yoga just stretches out, which is wrong. In fact, yoga is about balancing the body by enhancing strength and flexibility. Players can achieve this goal with posture or posture performance, all of which have special physical benefits.

Yoga is about contemplation and meditation. It is your goal to reach your entire life cycle, since you are in possession of a huge happiness warehouse. Not necessarily young and flexible to practice yoga. Everything you need is the desire to be happy. "

Yoga is the wonderful thing that your practice is constantly evolving and changing, so it will never be boring, although poses will not change, their relationship with them will start. You do not feel very strong or very strong or, these things will evolve over time and another great thing to think of "your exercise" is to encourage yoga's non-competitive spirit, one of the hardest but most liberating thing yoga releases the ego and accepts that no one is better than anyone else … Everyone is doing everything a day.

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