A REAL wellness approach to controlling weapons in America

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Wellness is a positive approach. Wellness is traditionally focused on prosperity and personal and cultural strategies that encourage behavior that has enriched the quality of life for themselves and others.

Wellness emphasis on healthierness does not in any way reflect the lack of attention or respect for disease prevention and treatment, risk mitigation and risk mitigation. Relocating health and life, physical ability, good nutrition, stress management and self-responsibility to environmental sensitivity is a strategy that requires a lifestyle that complements the health or health care system, not the quality care and the actions taken to protect Commons , the world itself

Wellness has generally been developed since the 1950's and 60's when Halbert L. Dunn was advanced (high-level) wellness as my own work started from the mid 70s to the present. My REAL wellness wellness model is bigger than High Level Wellness: An Alternative to Doctors, Drugs and Illness (Rodale Press, 1977). Over the last decades, the description of the wellness concept (lectures, newsletters and dozens of new books) emphasized the cause, exuberance, athleticism (exercise and nutrition) and the freedom that I call REAL wellness.

The core of the concept remains the positive emphasis on the original five dimensions (self-responsibility, fitness, nutrition, stress management and environmental responsibility) for the four dimensions of REAL wellness and the quality of life. Always the focus is "well-being". Others will be able, will, and deal with perturbation, disasters, crime, war and peace, and so on – though I admit that I have regularly contacted my three favorite topics – politics, religion and sex – though not necessarily in this in order. 19659002] But the American national situation is such that it is used in the twentieth century as a typing class task by paraffinizing the sexist sentence conceptualized by Charles E. Weller in 1918, now all the good times (REAL wellness-dedicated) men to come party help. The party is our country; the necessary help is the fight against hell for strict armed control. Gun control REAL wellness problem!

A Terrible Spot on American Respect, Security, and Honesty: Gun Madness

There is nothing positive about the pistol that exists in America. However, many of these are grotesque, such as the slaughter of innocents in schools and elsewhere. The fact that military weapons designed for the battlefield are legitimate, accessible and accessible to anyone who endangers everyone, especially children, law enforcement personnel and others in public places (eg concerts, nightclubs, schools, shopping centers, shopping centers and streets

The problem of armed violence can not be solved unless Americans raise or lose the underlying tools in a five-step, coordinated national campaign over time:

  • Make the Republican Party on the Ballot
  • Give
  • Institutional procedures that have led to the repeal of the second amendment
  • Create legal steps and others in the most dangerous US organization in the National Puska Alliance (NRA) , month
  • To create a national record of weapons, that is, to identify who owns the weapons and where they are located. At present, the national regulatory authorities of state and national governments have not allowed such a thing.
  • The National Firearms Act prohibits the registration of firearms, firearms or firearms transactions or arrangements, despite the fact that, based on available production data, between 8.5 million and 15 million firearms is in circulation,.

    Of course, for the first time, it is impossible to do so. Even if the pressure of armed armed citizens in more than a month and a year and the will to implement such measures, epic efforts will be required to implement any of these steps. Consider The Onion Report on Congress's Position on Armaments Legislation: Following the shooting of Stoneman Douglas High School, which killed 17 and 14 injured, the sources confirmed that the idea was to do nothing until the next mass shootout the Congress is far behind. Some aspects of American armed insanity are ridiculous, if not as damaging as the amendment to the Constitution introduced by an Arkansas Republican Congress whose purpose is to prevent centers for disease control and prevention to support or support the gun control. This small piece of NRA-sponsored trouble caused $ 2.6 million in the budget of the centers to study the health effects of shots.

    Same, some modest positive signs can be detected in the weeks when the Stoneman Douglas tragedy.

    • Young people can be energetic and effective lobbying.
    • There were some cracks in the NRA defense – even a $ 3 million dollar man, Senator Marco Rubio is willing to take a look.
    • There is a modest chance that some changes may take place even before a republican (official) official could be removed from the republican insurgency in November: ban on the sale of stopcocks and the sale of anti-dumping weapons, restrictions on magazine sizes, more thorough background checks, raising the age limit (21 when no one is less than 80 allowed to buy a weapon, then only one air gun) and those that are red in the box (eg weapons for documented mental cases).

    These steps are better than Republican's plans (nothing) and the president's NRA-sponsored proposal to distribute Glock 38 classroom teachers. The Washington Post estimates that this asynchian idea will send 718,000 additional weapons to our schools, combined with teacher training, spending more than $ 1 billion on taxpayers' disposal.


    All the proposals in this study need book-length details describing strategies, complications, obstacles, etc., and requires discussions and compromises as well as all sorts of deliberations and the like. But now is the time when all good women and men are helping their country and doing all they can to cope with insanity while intimidating the sadness of any politician who offers his thoughts and prayers and nothing

    Wellness's positive approach, but somehow it must be angry to draw attention to the negative realities of life that make the highest level of wellness lifestyle insignificant.

    Those who are shooting or learning from others who have suffered from armed violence find it difficult or impossible to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle through quality and joy. Every REAL wellness enthusiast finds that if life in America is not safer, more sensible, and better managed, finding a shiny side will certainly be less rewarding and more whimsical.

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