5 levels of yoga

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In yoga, the human body has five levels or layers, each level being finer than the layer in front of it. Some people can compare this with an onion. However, it may be more understandable if it looks like a stone thrown in a pond. The outer layers of the waving are most easily observed and seem most effective. Yet the waves closest to the center point are the least delicate and harder to detect that they actually create the outer layer movement.

The five layers of the yoga body:

1. Annamay Kosha (the physical body): Physical body is the part we are most familiar with and best identified. Posture and body exercise focus on the body.

2. Pranamaya Kosha (the energy body): Under the physical body this level consists of a network of energy channels nadis . There are 72 000 power strikes. These are from energy centers, the chakras chakras (wheels). The energy passing through the channels is called 19459005 prana, which energizes our bodies like a wind. The yogic breathing exercises focus on the energy layer

3. Manomay Kosha (the Body of the Mind): The thoughts of our mind determine how energy moves through our body. Thoughts are compared to vibrations that blend the edge of our energy, which in turn results in movement of the body. The mantras and concentration are at the heart of Manomay Kosha 4. Vijnanamaya Kosha (consciousness): This level is the area of ​​pure perception that can be experienced during the deep meditation when we prolonged our bodies and thoughts and listened to our own self.

5th Anandamaya Kosha (The Spiritual Body): The center of the layers is described as the finest and unlimited potential area. Understanding this layer is largely different from that of yoga practitioners. This is the centerpiece of the waves of the ponds described above. The energy moves out of the center toward the edge. As you look at this metaphor, remove the image from the stone and begin to capture the nature of the field. Remove both the lake and the water and your understanding will be even closer.

Another beautiful metaphor for the five layers is that they see them as different light fixtures over our interior lighting. As the interior light illuminates through each lamp, it is displayed in different brightness and color, each beautiful in its own way. However, the beauty of the lamp blur also blurts the true beauty of pure inner light.

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