5 foods that help to increase nitric oxide

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Trying to get the extra "pump" in the gym with nitric oxide? You're not alone. Nitrogen oxide (NO) supplements fly off the shelves of food stores across the country and for good reason. DISPLAYING THE RESULTS! But would you like to find more natural ways to increase "NO" levels, or even to naturally "supplement" the already added nitric oxide supplement? The "top 5 list" shown below consists of natural foods containing nitrogen oxide-enhancing elements.

first Watermelon

Probably the 5 favorite foods I mentioned. Watermelon is sweet, juicy and helps to build muscle?!? Watermelon necessarily contains the L-Citrus amino acid, which ultimately increases NO levels. I like to eat watermelon slices for lunch a few hours before my evening workout. Try to stick a few pieces of fruit juice to a watermelon juice all day long. This is a grid method for hydrating and supplementing the body's nitric oxide production

2. Eggs

Has the egg yolk stopped together because everyone on the TV sees this? Well, don't follow the stock. Yes, the egg yolk is high in cholesterol, but the egg yolk actually contains more nitric oxide-boosting nutrients and then egg white. Leave 1 to 2 yellow. For example, if you make a 6 egg omelette, you should throw 1-2 whole eggs (with egg yolk) and other egg whites. This provides the necessary fat and added nitrogen oxide-enhancing nutrients.

3rd Pistachio

There are always pistachio stacks in the grocery store near the production stage. As a small child, I always grab a handful and eat (innocently without pay, I swear I didn't know what I was doing!) While my mom bought it. Shh .. don't tell anyone. But who knew that these delicious little guys could really help in the muscle building diet? Pistachios contain the amino acid containing L-arginine, which keeps the arteries flexibly, and ultimately increases the blood flow of the muscles, which improves and restores. Eat between meals, not only because of their increasing effect on NO, but also because they are full of fibers that help keep your full condition.

4th Lens

For any vegan who is trying to break there, luck! The lens is full of healthy healthy materials. High in protein and fiber. They have energy-producing carbohydrates and contain low fat and sugar. In addition, they know that they help increase the body's NO production. I think we can call these things "magic beans"

5. Tuna

What good things have not been said about eating tuna? Super high protein. Low fat. The fat in it is "good kind". And you can buy from the market relatively inexpensive. Wait …


Tuna can also help the body to produce nitric oxide. Tuna is an excellent complement to any "big food" (eg Breakfast, lunch or dinner), but it also serves as a great snack.

So next time you will be in the supermarket these nitrogen oxides will increase your food. You won't be bothered with them (unless you're naturally allergic.) In that case, run away from them! There are a lot of different recipes on the internet to prepare these dishes. Use them in your main meals, as well as snacks, which provide additional benefits to your workouts and ultimately to your body.

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