Your first class of yoga – what to expect

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So you finally made a big leap into the unknown – your first class of yoga is approaching. You have chosen which class to go, find out where to park and how much the class is, but what can you expect when you enter the doors?

Yoga – more than one exercise class

The mysterious first yoga class is the time of discovery. You will find that not all yoga professionals are a committed, ecotoured vegetarian; that the design fitting will not help you in a complicated situation sooner; and you can discover secrets of your body and mind that you've never known. Sounds interesting? Well, this is yoga for you! This is more than a workout class.

Yoga teachers have their backs – we do not have to worry

Yoga people are inclined to a friendly package. The dynamics of the yoga class and the individual studios are very different, but everyone should be welcomed and inclusive, not judgmental. Everyone in the class is equal to the teacher's eyes, so do not worry about lack of knowledge or the ability to touch his toes simply does not matter.

Yoga classes are not competitive

Do not try to keep up with other class members. Yoga is an individual practice and everyone else. Even yoga teachers are not perfect in every situation. All of us have physical limitations and some of yoga learns to respect her body, kind to her, and do not push as much as she wants. The body is open when ready, so be patient in the early stages of the exercise.

strong> What to do for yoga classes

Practical comment on what do you buy for a class? Water is a good idea unless you practice Ashtanga when water can not be consumed under the class. You might want to have a small towel and if your sanity touches your own carpet and a cushion to rest in the end.

Yoga Carpets

The studios usually carry carpets, so their purchases are not necessarily necessary; this decision is related to personal preferences. Some studios do not disinfect and refresh their carpets regularly, as they should, and using the odor-smelling mattress is not the most enjoyable experience. With environmental commentary, if this is your first experience of yoga, you probably will not be able to buy your own carpet until you know it is the practice for you.

Studio etiquette

The rugged carpets lead to a rather basic studio etiquette that is often overlooked. If you use a studio carpet, clean it after class. It only lasts for a moment and you find a disinfecting spray and clothes where the carpets are stored. Please wait for a moment to do this; if a person cleanses the carpet, others tend to follow.

Yoga is the first to appear

The content of your class varies depending on which style the selected studio follows. In general, however, the beginner class focuses on asanas or poses and is prone to not incorporating advanced breathing techniques or chants.

If you approach your first class with open theory, the spirit of adventure and understanding that yoga is not competitive, you will be fine. Congratulations on the first stage of yoga trip and enjoy it!

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