Yoga – Why do you hypocrite?

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The benefits of practicing yoga are many, and many are well-known, at least very thoroughly. However, the benefits of practicing yoga are still unknown in the West in the West.

I've learned recently that naked yoga in India has been practicing for thousands of years, so it's not a new phenomenon at all. This is a bit more serious in India, and there is much deeper side about the naked aspect abandoning all the physical and material aspects of the world. Probably we have not been sufficiently dedicated and we would have actually arrested him if the country was completely naked, discovering our true nature. But in India there is a small group that does exactly that.

Naked yoga is about self-knowledge and has nothing to do with sex. However, he says that the new appreciation of the body and the increase in energy is a huge increase in self-esteem – you feel naturally sexy!

Exercising yoga without clothes allows you to accurately see what your body is doing, increased concentration and consciousness. They also have the obvious advantage that they do not have the restrictions that may lead to the wearing of clothing if you practice yoga movements and the freedom of big freedom.

Yoga scares your freedom in your mind, eliminating the concerns that many people have with our body. After practicing yoga for a while, the physical results with your body are on your own. But the real benefit is how you feel inside your body. You will realize that you know that you are afraid of what people think of you for a long time because you just know that you are very energetic and powerful – you feel fantastic and does not betray what other people think. It is more likely that you will continue your nude yoga practice, your body will be transformed and complimented.

There are courses where you can practice naked yoga, but I encourage people to practice their own private life. Home is the place where you are most comfortable and relaxed, as home is the place where you can make the most of your profit, unless you want to control others. If this is what you are, then it's probably in the wrong place. As I said, naked yoga is about discovering yourself – you do not discover someone!

Remember that yoga is a study of the unification of the mind, body, and spirit and the three units. This is not a wonderful workout program that takes five minutes to the flat abs! I say do not be prone and give it away.

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