Yoga – What Should I Look for in a Yoga Mattress?

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During my first yoga practice, I borrowed a carpet that I had in my studio. I quickly realized I needed a mattress. The rented carpet was too thin, not long enough for my height, and it covered someone else's sweat. Being completely novice, I went to the local discount store and bought the first carpet that caught my eyes. If I got more money than common sense at that time, I bought more maths on the search that is really right for me. From experience I know that when you are looking for a perfect yoga mat, you have to consider 5 factors: size / shape, thickness and weight, composition, aesthetics and price. If you take the time to think carefully about these factors, you will be happier with the one you choose, enjoy your yoga practice, and perhaps even save money.

Size / Form: As your instructor is likely to tell you, the universe. Too small, it may be uncomfortable; too large is the mass of other students. The "standard" yoga mats are rectangular in shape, from about 24 "to 68". For people of average weight and height, this size and shape will probably work well. This gives you enough horizontal position to sit seated poses and twists and keep it long enough for the vinyasas and the lying poses to not be left behind. However, if you wear a bit extra weight or you are taller (say 5 or more 10 or so), you might want to consider an extra long carpet to get extra space back and forth and stretch out. Or you can bounce on the round carpet, such as the Mandala 6 & # 39; Round, which provides more space to stretch in all poses. I took a long carpet in the classroom, but at home I use a round carpet at home. Long, rectangular carpets can be easily placed in the studio, but the round carpet (unless everyone in the classroom uses one) only disrupts the classroom's other rugs. So, if you're into a studio and you're the only one who uses a round rug, prepare for the classmates, and perhaps the disgruntled viewers of the instructor.

Thickness: The yoga mattress is designed for sliding surfaces and knees, hips and other parts that come into contact with the floor. The carpets in the yoga studio and the less expensive rugs are probably 1/8 "thick, maybe a little more, this minimum thickness is OK if there is no sensitivity in the knee in the camel's pose, at the hip for sloping twists, under the elbow under the sphinx, or wrists in dogs, but if you have such sensitivity, thicker mats may be best for you: many "thick" signs are only 1/4 "thick. Indeed, the Manduka Black Mat for thick carpets is Cadillac 1/4 "thick, but Jade's premium rugs can be up to 5 mm thick, another thing about the thick carpet, the thicker the carpet, the harder it is to

Composition: Yoga rugs are made of different materials: Older carpets and cheaper rugs can be made from latex, PVC or plastic blend, they may be allergic or sensitive to the properties of these materials and made of natural, environmentally friendly materials, such as cotton, bamboo, jute, hemp or natural rubber Although yoga rugs are "sticky" and are environmentally friendly, they are made of a compound microfibre or hydrogen based foam that does not contain latex and " carpets "and ac LJA to keep the y ou to a crawl when, as you practice your naked foot, if you start to sweat, the carpet will be slippery. For most carpets, you will need a yoga towel to absorb sweat and prevent it from slipping into a force, Bikram or Assange class. Cotton rugs really stir up sweat, but less cushion the moisture and need to be cleaned to protect them badly. Natural rubber carpets are even less slippery if they are damp and easy to clean; I tried the Harmony rug with Jade, and although I was very sweating, I only got one hand towel and I even implanted it into my latest dog.

Aesthetics: One of the doctrines of yoga is to voice secular, sensory aspirations that distract the practice. But most of us still look good and have a pleasant environment when we pose. If that is the case, stop and think that a plain black carpet (even if it is made of long and thick natural materials) meets its sensory side. Even a lavender or tea-colored mat can be dull for a moment. Gaiam decorates the best decorated yoga rugs with Damask, Tie Dye, Flower Power and Dragon Fly Hydrangea. You will only know if pattern decoration deserves a sacrifice you have to make for the other functions you need or want.

Price: Yoga carpets prices are very different. You can get a cheap "simple Jane" yoga mat on the internet for about eight dollars. If you're just trying yoga and you do not want to commit, then that can do it. But if you're serious about practicing, wait a little longer. Generally thicker natural carpets will be more expensive. Gaiam's carpet ranges from about $ 20 to about $ 40. The Manduka black rug of the car is close to $ 100 and the natural rubber carpet of Eko is about $ 80. YogaAccessories produces 5/16 "natural rubber gauge for about $ 45, the same thickness of natural rubber hose from Jade for about $ 80, and the Madala 6ft round sticker cost around $ 65. Check with the Yoga Studio, carpet that you are looking for and will be able to match the price found elsewhere

Which mats suit you depends on the size / shape of the carpet, how thick and heavy it is, what it is and how much it costs it You may decide that you need more than one carpet, especially when you are at home or in the studio. However, taking the time to consider these factors carefully will make your choices happier, enjoy your yoga practice and maybe even make money can also save.

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