Yoga – What are the Different Types?

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When considering yoga, it is important to understand that they can choose from different types, each with their own philosophy and technique. As you enter your personal tutor, you can help understand the alternatives so you can choose the right one for you.

There are four different types of yoga in my experience; these are Iyengar, Hatha, Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga, so this article focuses on them. There are so many, so please do not feel limited by my experience.


Iyengar yoga is the most popular yoga. They are practiced extensively and there are many schools available. Iyengar Yoga was fun and challenging. My most important struggle was initially static pose and I treated my breathing for the required time. Over time, I certainly improved, and I felt that this was really a success.

There are a lot of poses, which means that a good teacher will focus each class on a variety of objects about your body and state of well being. For me this means I was not bored or smug because there were many different things to try for me.


Hatha is a really nice, gentle yoga form. Excellent for all ages and fitness levels because fluid is very fluid. If you were a little intimidated by yoga then that would be what I would suggest as a starting point. It is very accessible, so if you miss the experience, you can still easily handle Hatha's yoga class. Since this exercise is gentle by nature, this is an excellent form of relaxation combined with exercise. Sometimes you may experience some effort, but certainly not the Iyengar or Bikram yoga intensity. Ventilation techniques offer you an opportunity to observe your body and create a sense of rest in your mind.


I had the least experience with Ashtanga yoga, but I really enjoyed it. Hatha and Iyengar, because it combines motion with the breath (Hatha), but it also has jobs that are maintained for a while (Iyengar). It had a very positive effect, as I felt that the class was a little more physically challenging, but still brought the presence and purity of the soul that all forms of yoga would be expected. I would definitely like to explore this method, but in Australia it is not so common that makes the instructions difficult.


Bikram, or hot yoga, as some people know, is growing rapidly in popularity and numbers. While Bikram's philosophy was from India, the trend was born in Los Angeles. Bikram outlines a standing and floor-based comment that is designed to work on each part of the body during the session. It is recommended that you exercise a hot room (about 38 degrees Celsius) to increase your heart rate and improve muscle movement. Each session follows the same format that offers a limited selection. This is a common complaint that people are bored with time.

As a Yoga practice, Bikram tends to polarize people. You either love or are stupid. Those who are devoted to Bikram will be three or four times a week and will be extremely committed. Those who are scared I go once or twice and decide to leave them there. This really drops on personal preferences. I did not have much experience to be honest, but I met so many people who were devoted to Bikram so I will not leave it.

As you can see, these techniques are extremely different and no matter what you choose, you will find enormous benefits. For me, I would urge you to look at yoga because it gives you total consciousness and helps you develop a sense of well-being in so many different dimensions. Good luck!

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