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The imbalance of the muscles, which can result in rounded posture, is often the result of the development of chest and abdominal areas. People tend to concentrate on these areas because they are at the beginning of the body and this is what they see in the mirror. As a result, the body side is often neglected.

Even the back of the body is paying more attention to the page. Most of us feel pain from time to time to have our minds. We can feel that the back stretches when we bend over the corners just as we feel the front of the body in a back bend.

However, in Parighasana (Gate Pose) the body side is the focus. This is called the intensive lateral extension that resembles the band used to close the gate. Since this pose allows the full expansion of the lungs because it opens the side ribs, this is a gateway for better breathing. It helps with waist discoloration thanks to the abdominal oblique projection and helps stabilize the lower back by stretching the muscles deeply at the back of the waist. This can be very useful if you have a rigid back and help prevent and / or alleviate your lower back.

Parighasana is an excellent preparation for the Parangasana (Side Angle Pose) and the Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) as the hip opens and creates long sides. You can also change your breathing because you are now aware of or feel the breathing in your body.

This pole is also a great stretch for intercoastal muscles among ribs. These muscles are often neglected and tight, causing postural problems. The bundle extends when the intercoastals stretch, resulting in increased breathing. Thus, facilitating asthma, allergies and colds can lead to this pose.

A simple awareness exercise is an excellent preparation for Parighanasana. Place your hand in your ribs as close to your body as you can while lying on the floor, bending to your knees. Be aware of your breath under your hands. Close your eyes. Feel your ribs get fucked when inhaled. Feel that your ribs fall inward when you feel exhaled. Stay here for more breath, focusing on expanding and releasing the side ribs.

With the blanket nearby, place the mattress on the wall. Make a few laps of Cat and Cow to warm the spine. Breathe into the cow, then inhale and cover your back to Cat. Then flush your body from the Child's Pose to the Downward Facing Dog, move your breath with the movements. After a few rounds, rest in the child's position.

Kneel the folded blanket with your knees at the width of the hip. The thighs are parallel and perpendicular to the floor, and the hips are right across the knee. Lower the lower abdomen and put it up when the tail is bent. Spread your toes by pushing the toe tips, toes, and shades into the blanket. Pull up the spine at the top of your head while inhaling. After pulling out, create a solid base with the lower legs and knees

Hold the right knee and right half of the right thigh upward while holding the right leg right to the right, holding the upper body. Try to smooth your right foot on the floor and press it down while bringing your right leg back towards your body. Keep your left thigh straight up and down and hold down your left leg, toes, knees and sink into the blanket.

Breathe in and stretch your arms sideways, palm down. Keep the length of the spine while keeping your hands away from each other. Get your right hand with your right hip. Push the meaty area of ​​your right hand between your thumb and index finger into the wrinkle where your feet fit to the upper body. Extend the lower back by pulling the navel towards the spine. Keep your eyes soft and forward.

Breathe as you bend your hip to your hips and bend your upper body to your right leg. Get your right leg over the right leg and relax anywhere comfortably (thigh, spindle, knee or leg). The left arm is reached by the palm of the ear. When we slowly and deeply inhale, we feel that the ribs extend in all directions. Take some slow, deep breaths. Prolong your spine with each inhalation and let yourself go deeper into each expiration.

Press your right hand to the right foot when it went as it was in the side section. Keep the pool, rotate the backbone. Keep your eyes in front of your left arm toward the sky. First, unscrew the abdomen and then straight up the spine straight up to the crown. Feel that your intestines are widening when you inhale the left rib.

Relax in Child's Pose before repeating on the other side. The Pariahasana can be very different on both sides. Do not forget to pull yourself out without it. This asana's regular insertion of vinyasa helps balance.

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