Yoga: Opening the hips with the pigeon position

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General request for all yoga classes for hip holes, such as Pigeon Pose. Though the hip holes may be challenging, they are popular because they can be very satisfying both physically and emotionally.

Our hips are very tight. Most people spend most of the daytime seating, which fits into the hips and reduces their agility. Furthermore, everyday activities such as walking and common sports such as cycling and running are hips, but no hip elasticity. Most of us have a very busy life and this causes stress. This stress, however, causes tension in our bodies and often eliminates our existing hip tubes.

Embedding the Pigeon Pose into the everyday routine helps relieve your hip, move more easily and handle a reasonable amount of tension.

This pose with hip flexors and hip rotators is a great solution to the problems of hip tension. Because it requires the internal rotation of the hind legs and the outside rotation around the forelegs, this will have a positive effect on the whole body and still allows you to move freely after consistent practice.

Pigeon Pose isolates various muscles in the hip, reduces stiffness and increases flexibility. This isolation of the muscle makes this challenge. Be aware that you definitely work physically in the practice of asanas. The most important thing is to draw your attention and watch the feelings created in your body during exercise.

Always on your carpet on your knees under your hip and your hand under your shoulder. Pull your knee to the right until it touches your right wrist while holding a straight line between the right thigh and the sides of the carpet. Slowly move your right leg and heel to the center of the body until your leg is just below your left hip. Drag your left foot towards the rear of the carpet.

Do not lean on, but put your hands back and lower both sides of the pool toward the carpet. He keeps his hips straight and straight as the pool is released. You can use a block or a folded blanket if you have problems with evenly lowering the hip.

Press your finger tightly into your carpet and extend your waistline as your hips continue to settle down. This will help keep your lower back long and fractured.

Soak deeply and walk your hand while stretching the middle part. Get off as he leans forward and pushes his elbows on the floor. The weight released in the hip can be adjusted using the arms. The arms supporting the body can alleviate the discomfort in the hip.

Take care of feelings on the hips and the bottom. If it is extremely uncomfortable to shower, there may be a need for alignment. Remember, the idea is to relieve the tension and create no further tension in the joints.

Keeping the hip level is vital to the Pigeon Pose Practice. If the hip is not even, imbalance before bending occurs. To counteract this, a folded blanket can be placed beneath the right bottom (if you pull right knees).

Keep the height of the front foot parallel to the carpet side. The front leg should go directly to the hip back. Bring your breath to your hip and watch the feelings they have. Rest your muscles on your face and let thoughts appear in your mind. Let the body melt on the floor while still breathing into your hip.

Keep in the foresight 5-10 breaths. Then breathe in and come back. Raise your hips from the floor as you push your fingers. Transition to the downward dog and 5 deep breaths, watching how you feel on your hips. Then switch to the other side.

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