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The secret of ancient yoga to washing utensils

Most people think yoga as a specialty carpet, but your yoga practice may become part of your daily routine.

A great yoga secret does not necessarily mean that everyday activities will change (though they may be), but you change the awareness and awareness that you bring with these activities.

The core of yoga is actually awareness and awareness.

You must take into account your breath and all your physical actions will give you the "place where your mind".

This helps to prevent the autopilot from running – your head with the worry and intriguing thoughts of the past and the future, which do not serve a really useful purpose at this moment.

The calming effect of your mind relaxes the system and takes care of what you are doing.

Relaxing your mind can also help keep you healthy. 19659002] Studies suggest that meditation can help reduce the symptoms of breast cancer, prostate cancer, depression, heart disease, and lower back pain.

Studies show that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety and reduce blood pressure. 19659002] So exercising awareness in everyday life is a scientifically proven ancient yoga secret that can enhance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

You can easily shape something if you are at the center of attention that you want to put into practice.

There is an old saying, "Before the enlightenment tosses the tree, it transports the water, after the enlightenment, it breaks the tree's water".

We could change this "to wash water after enlightenment, after washing, after washing enlightenment, wash and wash."

So how does the ancient yoga secretion use in the washing utensils?

This is the practice of yoga, so concentrate and observe the tiniest details

Watch the touch when you turn on the water

How does the water sound when it reaches the sink? How does the sound change when the sink is being charged?

Feel the detergent bottle as it squeezes. Beware of bubbles as they rise in the water

Consciously pause and get acquainted with your whole body before lifting your first plate or cup.

Then slowly, with full awareness, move your hand to pick up the pot.

Watch your breaths as you move your hand

Watch while you wash the disc carefully

Listen to the bubble sound when they slide off and hit the water

Feel hot water and foams at your hands.

Be constantly aware of all your senses – vision, smell, taste, touch, hearing

Be aware of all your movements. he applied the yoga secret to washing dishes, and can expand it to create "awareness triggers" in every day activity.

If you work at a table, you can become conscious of your body every time you pick up the pen. 19659002] Pause for half a second, or even for a few seconds before picking up the pen.

It reminds him of the present only – there is no need for life for the next moment.

Slowly move your hand to pick up the pen while breathing deeply.

Be aware that the pen feels in your hand and how the feeling changes when it starts writing the paper.

See the fine details of written writing and listen to the pen as it moves.


Here are some guidelines for practicing yoga in everyday activities

Be patient with you

Do not worry when you find shelter

You accept that you were unaware of it.

Your purpose is to be a conscious observer and not a judge.

As you exercise awareness in everyday life, you will improve your attention and awareness.

Take Care of the Different Aspects of Motion, Breath and Ridge 2] Take care of some parts of your breath – inhalation, exhalation, spaces between them where your breath is breathing, the sound of your breath – all different dimensions.

The most important thing for everyone to have fun

Now consider the fantastic adventures of common practice

Really enjoy the liberation of life at this moment and be constantly and fully aware of the wonders of life.

Remember, Wash the dishes with water before enlightenment. After enlightenment wash water. "

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