Yoga is addictive?

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Yoga feels good and addictive, millions argue or agree more. The question is whether it slowly grows from an occasional friend to a loyal partner and a friend? Can you move around in all your creatures? Here's a yoga-dependent story. This is my story.

When I came to a 1968 paper back yoga many months ago at Montreal Airport, it was the promise of the title to be a temptation. He promised: Be young with yoga – and on his back he will still tempt – And he never feels old and tired again. Richard L. Hittleman's yellow paper stack has green and red letters. The pages are discolored, cover the wreckage and relocate with me for so many months.

My body said yes to the rare pleasure of yoga. "Restore Grace, Balance, Balance, and Self-confidence". He spoke and followed; enthusiastic young people. Experimenting. Embarrassing. Excited. I read and practiced. Practiced and reading.

On the last pages, he spoke of "the infinite wisdom of yoga's mental and philosophical aspects" (especially Yoga). " My heart wanted to taste this ancient wisdom; to get better absorbed. And my prayer was chosen. I found myself dying every day from the Yoga philosophical cup. The early awakening of the "ambrosial clock of nectar," the desire of the amrite sail to sit quietly and absorb again in silence. Aah, the spirit of the soul. He welcomed this intractable inner peace. And after drinking and drinking, peace remained – a cluster around the neck.

Then there was yoga in the shade. Far from the daylight from fast-paced hot activities. Still, as it happened thousands of years ago, it was flowing into the blood vessels and enriching its blood. He softened his eyes and comforted his heart. It was on your feet and you put the courage in your back. You're scared to face the norm and find your voice. Certainly I sometimes started walking as I walked; and lost friends along the way. And even the family raised their eyebrows and prayed that they would find the way again and not let it go so much. Instead, I became less and less constrained, and I decided to do the unimaginable … to follow my body. Yoga has alleviated anxiety. I was definitely lively.

Hundreds of thousands of hungry people a day drink from the yoga cup. Some people look forward to relaxation Some people enjoy sweating. Others are chanting loudly or quietly. How did you experience yoga drugs? I want to know the story.

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