Yoga: general principles of the law in practice

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Yoga is a name given to science or to the method of training followed by a spiritual aspirant. It has existed for thousands of years and is still respected in India and in Indian culture where knowledge is kept carefully by the sacred, traditional, breakthrough channel between the teacher and the disciple. The system provides health and spiritual understanding through self-discipline and individual direct experiences or accomplishments.

The practitioner of yoga is known as "legal" or sometimes in the female, known as "yogini", and expresses a tribute that not only follows practical techniques and embryos on the yogi philosophy, but is a recipient of a title representing the spiritual quality, which is essential in the ideal human character.

Yoga has always been practiced in the traditional way at home or ashram or at the site of a natural beauty near water or creek to enjoy silence and shelter and allow the student to connect with nature. Busy students had little or no property, or attributed little value to material goods, and expected to follow the traditional restrictions and the prevailing self-sacrifice. Resignation was part of the training. Serious aspirants were prepared to leave their families, friends, financial comfort, and accept simple life to find the answer to their spiritual needs.

However, in another process, the general knowledge of yoga has become common knowledge in the more materialist Western world where there are many areas of self-culture – physical, psychological, and spiritual.

The most famous and popular yogi road in modern times is Hatha yoga. This requires self-regulation of the body, the physical creation of strength and flexibility through the exercise and development of health and endurance through the personal efforts of self-discipline. The use of traditional physical sciences in processes involving nutrition, exercise, breathing exercises, posture and relaxation contributes to yoga's better health and understanding of the body.

The same can be said of the Bhakta Yoga, which calls for the creation of emotions, satisfaction, love and peace, as well as the rejection of emotional habits that control emotions in themselves. In applying emotional control and disparaging attitudes to positive moods, the law seeks not only understanding of feelings, but also seeking greater happiness and prosperity.

With Raja Yoga, the disciples focus on individual thoughts when they learn to include greater consciousness and conscious control of their thoughts, care of their mental abilities and natural talents, and turbulence of temporary thoughts and impressions. The latter provides the right state of rest in which you find inner peace and enjoy the climate in which creative thoughts can flourish. And, more importantly, his mind is able to reflect thoughts beyond his usual limits to experience what we call inspiration.

By training the yogis, the most important factor is that he considers his personal image to be clear and strong to direct his personal development towards his own human concept. He seeks to perfect in every way and knows that this business is difficult, long, but highly profitable, as he is aware of his personal responsibility for managing his life and future.

According to the teachings of Karma Yoga, the path of appropriate action, all that is associated with law, is integrated into its nature and conducts positive results in its action life. better health, loving relationships, greater knowledge and skills. He is able to help others grow accordingly. No reward, no better health, no pleasure, no knowledge, no inspirational thinking alone is not alone, but can be regarded as an energy over which it is responsible for cooperating with the others in the practical world and its surroundings

. the experience of practitioners of the law is that organic diversity and brotherhood behind the diversity of life, in which all living things and kingdoms, though seemingly separate, are essentially independent of themselves not only to preserve life, but also to make life on our beautiful planet "better world "from which mankind dreams.

So the practice of meditation plays a decisive role in preventing the conscious experience of the least sensitive worlds beyond the obvious material – the emotions, the world of abstract thinking, and the worlds of soul and spirit. Meditation brings yoga closer and closer to the higher consciousness that illuminates its being and sections that allow the expansion of consciousness to understand something about the great cosmic life that we are part of.

Yoga's ultimate experience is the same as the "mystical marriage" of the Christian – or the ecstatic mixture of the superhero over and above superimposed – undoubtedly demonstrates that essentially every life is one.

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