Yoga for prolapse

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Sometimes an abdominal organ, such as the uterus, may break away from supporting bowls and fall off from its original site and may cause the basal muscle to weaken and exert an internal pressure that manifests as a backache. This can occur if the tapes holding the organs in place are weak due to lack of movement or excessive training due to birth or constipation. Strengthening after muscle progression is very difficult, but yoga provides a lot of relief to relieve and restore the situation. Here are some asanas that can help:

The Ship Position or Naukasana

Lie on your back beside your arms and relax some deep breaths. Slowly and deeply inhaling, lift your trunk, arms, feet and head at the same time, tighten all and place it only to the bottom. Your shoulders, hands and feet should be about the height. Keep this pose as long as you can. Beginners may find difficulty first, but they will be given the continuation of practice. Then slowly breathe back when returning to the starting position. Fully relax and wait for the breathing to become normal and repeat the exercise. You have to do this 5 times.

Raised Legs or Uttanpadasana

Lay back behind your back as before, then raise a leg as high as you can while holding the other card. Hold it in this position for 20 seconds and slowly bring it back. The same thing with the other foot to perform in a circle. You can repeat it 5 times.

Sitting Forward Bend Pose or Paschimottanasana

Sit down at your feet. Slowly lift your hands while inhaled. Then slowly breathe out as much as you can and find your foot anywhere under your knees. (Ideally, your fingers would grab your toes or the side of your foot when your face was kneeling and your knees touched the floor with your knees Now bend your head while your pet does not touch your body Sign in and breathe normally 5 Slow inhaling and exhaling and lifting the count up to 20 breaths while making it more comfortable with this exercise


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