Yoga exercises to increase flexibility

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A small guide that has a long way to go

Flexibility generally corresponds to the movement range of the joints. This ability is easy to flex and stretches effortlessly without too much effort. Flexibility is based on various factors such as joint condition, muscles, length and looseness of muscles, shape of bones, age, and so on. Some diseases such as arthritis may affect the flexibility.

This is the elasticity of effective exercise and yoga. Improving elasticity of elasticity is generally extensibility. Flexibility can be best served by stretching exercises that can include the back, neck, shoulder, wrist, legs, and so on. Practices. If you exercise properly, you can observe that a person with a rigid body before starting physical exercise becomes more flexible by practicing practically every part of his body.

Some advantages of flexibility can be as follows:

  • Flexibility allows the body to move freely without requiring a lot of effort for activities such as bending, stretching, dancing, etc.
  • Flexibility practices reduce muscle aches, tension and muscle breakage, injury opportunities
  • Flexibility Practice Helps Improve Joining Function
  • Reduced Recovery Time

It is said that flexibility decreases with age, but it is also true that flexibility can be achieved at any given age; the exercises are done in the right way. In addition to regular exercise, a more flexible person is able to achieve flexibility.

There is little practice to increase flexibility:

Spine of spine spine Your hand should be behind your head and you must rely on it. With this, the legs must be stable. Try and place your right elbows in front of the body to touch the left knee so that the trunk is rotated. Return to normal position. Take the other side.

Spine, extension – Stand with your feet upwards. Now move forward on one leg and simultaneously move your upper body and head backwards. Return to the starting position. Repeat the other leg.

Spine, lateral bending – Stand straight between the legs and with both hands behind the head. Now slowly start dragging your right elbow towards the right knee towards the outside. Repeat the other side.

The front leg section – Sit on a bench with your right foot right on the table and your left foot on the floor. Now bend forward to your right foot until you reach your knees and calves. That's the case for a while. Repeat the other side.

Neckline – Sit or stand straight with your arms loosely hanging on the body side. Now slowly turn your head toward one side. Hold for a few seconds and then turn to the other side. Repeat 3-4 times.

The above contains only a few exercises. There are more flexibility exercises for different parts of the body. One person can choose the exercise according to his requirement.

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