Yoga – Emotional and Intellectual Benefits

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Not only does yoga practice have wonderful physical benefits but also has less emotional benefits for emotional and spiritual dimensions. Yoga-based relaxation techniques and stretching are effective as the mind meditatively focuses on movements, skin / muscle sensations and calm breathing. A healthy body contributes to a healthy soul. It is also a relaxed body that contributes to the relaxation of mind and emotion. This combination results in complete, dynamic health.

Yoga provides effective expertise in stress management – to overcome tension, upside and downside of everyday life. Accumulation of emotional stress may appear as a kind of armor in the body that may lead to poorly adaptive psychological trends, including anxiety, depression and addictions. In yoga, this armor is "kleshas". The posture bends, stretches and unmounts these "kleshas" from the system, thus releasing emotional disturbances.

The body becomes more flexible, so think patterns. As the muscles become stronger, inner strength, confidence and self-esteem. Progressive relaxation (corpse), which closes most yoga classes, soothing and soothing to the mind. Many people begin to do yoga to release the tension from the body and learn to relax. They are finally surprised because they are more emotionally and mentally involved. The combination of breathing, relaxation and meditation stimulates endorphins, slows brain wave activity, which results in an alpha state and blocks the mind from the negative thought leading to increased internal peace. Yogic breathing (pranayama) is a major factor in stress reduction and spiritual awareness. The Latin word for breathing is "spiritus" – breathing and aspiration. Many spiritual master feel the ultimate experience of the Spirit or the Ego. My Self is a state of pure awareness and transcendent knowledge and happiness. This idea does not have to be intellectually interpreted.

Simple observation of yourself during yoga during the day. With this increased awareness we can start listening and responding to internal messages. As this awareness grows and expands while practicing yoga, you can begin to pervade other aspects of life. You can begin to feel relaxed, relaxed, unwilling and focused.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., who runs the stress relief program at Massachusetts Medical University, believes that our lives are the sum of the present moments, but they are too often diverted to be aware of moments. He adds that breathing is consciously the best way to learn to listen and this is the first step in meditation. Just as a yoga student outspokenly stated, "Yoga brings more balance, peace, relaxation, joy, health and light.

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