Yoga, Don't knock until you try

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Those people who never tried yoga? How about a grown-up teenager who loves to cut a cow and thought he could knock his sister during yoga? Yeah, I know it's not good? I have done this many times, and I have been watching that people who look foolish are really right. Not bad, easy too; pushes it a little and sees you go. But we have to be very serious that yoga is good for the soul, for relaxation and for stress. So don't hit Yoga until you try. Now I have tried to be okay to do jokes, but if you haven't tried it, you are banned from laughing or upset your friends who think they look pretty stupid while doing "Yoga thing".

So, why do yoga first? Well, it feels good, and breathing is good for cardiovascular improvement. Such meditation feels healthier and makes miracles due to displacement and personality. There are many reasons why people who do yoga are healthy and have the power of reasoning from brainwave cycles to nervous response; forced treatment to treat stress; cardiovascular hearts. Some people try and don't like me, for one. I'm a long-term runner, and I run tenms and get into a deep rhythm, and I can say that it's about a healthier thing. Now, when I write this to my yoga acquaintances, they describe exactly the same feelings. Interestingly, sometimes they have a better idea. Finally, it is not easy to toss your knees and mountains and say that they bring great benefits to the body without going anywhere and using no energy? Wow, maybe yoga is not such a bad idea.

Many say; "Yogo for girls", but the professional athletes I know who do yoga are the best of them; why? Well, because it works. So before you knock yoga, read some books, try it out and see for yourself. Yoga is for everyone who is smart enough to understand why it works well. Think about it while you try.

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