Yoga causes back pain

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It is known that yoga is good for you to make the joints more flexible, increase muscle strength and is ideal for back pain sufferers. Or this?

Many people, including, tried some of the yoga DVDs and books hoping to be relieved by back pain just to discover that yoga exacerbates far beyond the problem. Why should this be? Are you sure you mean something that's so good to me, it does not hurt you? I wondered if I was doing something bad, did not follow the instructions correctly, and it was somehow my fault. but now it has been discovered that yoga really hampers certain back conditions. That was not the case, but I did not do anything wrong, the exercises proved inadequate and they really should have had a health warning.

Many renowned teachers and practitioners of course warn that unilateral movements emphasize sacroilic joints. Poses such as tree pose and warrior 3, where you need to balance one leg, are not recommended. Deep yoga poses also emphasize the sacroilic joints. This fastener that connects the spinal column to the pool. This is a common one that has little movement but is affected by arthritis. Lower Back Pain is often caused by conjunctivitis or inflammation, and many yoga poses can cause or exacerbate these problems.

A very popular yoga method – the astauga yoga – is practiced by many of us who are too busy with slower, more contemplative exercises. Vibrant and sporty, its movement is fast, many yoga classes and DVDs are currently using the Ashtanga yoga method. I strongly advise you to approach it with great care and stop immediately if you experience pain or pain while using the asan. It was the method that had hurt most of the back in both the waist and the pool.

The best kind of yoga is the more traditional soft and slow yoga movements. They do not involve rapid changes and it is easier to judge whether the motions are good or cause pain before it is too late.

If you like the idea of ​​yoga exercises and feel that they are right for you, the best approach would be to make very few lightest positions for a very short time – 5-10 minutes to prefer – then wait 24 hours to see how it feels. It is possible to have less muscle stiffness if it is not usually yoga, but it can not be more than that. Pain or backache or worsening of new pain means that it must stop immediately. If yoga does not work for you, it does not work – it's so simple. Find something else like Pilates or swimming. Do not feel missing, there is the perfect exercise somewhere for you.

Is I still practicing yoga? The answer is not. I have found my own methods of preserving health and despite my friends sometimes make me take another step, I always reject it. I'm going to go caving, walking and riding, but I can not risk letting my back try yoga again.

Yoga, in my opinion, for people who have no disadvantages. It can prevent injury, but it does not cure it.

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