Yoga can help older people reduce the risk of failure

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Fall is an important health problem for the elderly. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

o More than one third of adults are 65 years of age and older (Hornbrook 1994, Hausdorff 2001).

o In older adults, falls cause death injuries (Murphy 2000) and the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and hospital recordings (Alexander 1992).

o In 2003, more than 1.8 million pensioners older than 65 years old and elderly were treated in emergency departments for injuries and dropped to more than 421,000 hospitals (CDC 2005).

The most frightening injury that can be caused by falling is a hip fraction for good reason. One quarter of those injured are delayed within six months, according to Colorado State University's Cooperative Extension KR Tremblay Jr..

Simply the fear of falling down causes many older people to unnecessarily restrict their activity, which is tragic because physical and mental stimulation consequently only increases the risks.

The good news is that a practicing chair yoga may reduce the risk of failure and help you make more rapid action when this happens.

Higher alarm for better circulation and oxygen supply, so it is more likely to avoid falling.

You will improve the balance, so you are less likely to slip and recover better if you do.

If you decide to reduce exercise weight, it is known to strengthen bones and ligaments. You will get more flexibility and strength. All of these factors together increase the chances of serious injuries.

If you fall in the fall, you have greater stamina, better circulation, and greater strength. This allows 100% recovery.

Reducing the risk of falling is another good reason for the elderly to find a chair for a yoga program in their own area.

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