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There is little pose for Virabhadrasana II (Warrior Pose II) to strengthen the hip and thigh. The strength of the hip and thighs is useful for many everyday activities, ranging from stairs from bending to bending to pick up groceries in the grocery store. Strong hips and thighs can greatly contribute to the health and defense of the entire knee.

Warrior Pose II comes from the name of the powerful thrust thrust made from a sword used by ancient Indian soldiers. This pulmonary movement is a great job in the front of your thighs in high-speed muscles.

This pose is no more than its strength. Numerous knee problems that come from the mistake can be corrected in Chapter II. Warriorral. Check the knee adjustment with bare feet in front of the mirror. If your prickly knife is right above your feet, then it's healthy. However, if the knees are inward and the femur is inward, this may be problematic. This situation can cause excessive stress on the knee bands and cartridges.

There are two types of action for the II. Warrior to focus on correcting imbalances. The first thing is stretching the hip ducts. Do this by placing it perpendicularly to the back of the wall and bending 90 degrees at its feet at the wall, knees and feet. Imagine sitting in a chair that fell back. When opening the knees to the side, remove your feet with their corners perpendicular to the wall and parallel to the floor. Allow your inner thighs to relax and stretch while you stay in this position with 5 breaths.

Then lean back and build the II. Warrior, leave your right leg and open your left foot on the side while turning your leg inward as you install it on the wall. The left arc should match the right corner so that the line between them is parallel to the floor. Stretch your arm to the side and stay there for 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the other side.

Section II. To further align the warped bent leg, another secret is that it strengthens the outer thighs such as the gluteus maximus. To build your muscles, set your back to the wall with your foot 4 to 41/2 feet away. Adjust your right leg 90 degrees parallel to the wall and slightly turn your left leg. Make sure the right hip touches the wall. Bend your right leg to the 2nd. Fighting and making sure your right thigh is parallel to the wall and your right knee points to the center of your right foot. Then put a coiled yoga mat between the wall and the curved knee. Using your left leg, push your knee firmly on the mattress with your left knee straight and your left thighs moving toward the wall.

This work will strengthen the knees and thighs in order to strengthen the external hip rotators and to open the hip nodes. warrior. After you can safely participate in the II. In Warrior's exercise, the strengthening of quadriceps can be largely achieved. Practice this consciously and slowly. He focuses on good biomechanics. With time and practice, you can adjust your squares and hips to flex your knee in an optimally coordinated position when bending.

Considering this alignment makes it possible to be aware of bending knee protection and doing everyday activities. The II. Warrior not only provides yoga with good health but also extends this healthfulness throughout his life.

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