Yoga brings Zen to climbing

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Climbing In February 2012, there are six essential yoga movements for climbers; mountain pose, eagle, warrior 1, dog, sitting screws and bridge. Why these movements are important, why is yoga good for mountaineers?

Yoga equates to climbing – shrugging the shoulders forward by shortening the advanced arm / back / hip muscles – and increasing mobility with a wide range of movements, such as twisting, high gears and balancing on small brackets. As the muscles climb up shortens them and shrugs around the shoulders and neck. During each climb, a yoga seat can give you strength and harmony to your body!

So there is no doubt that Yoga has many physical benefits for mountaineers, but what about the mental game?

For me, what I called the mountaineering is the focus it is forcing. When I'm gonna die now, but I'm there. At the moment. Motion. Zen in who. At present I have to be present to handle the obstacles and I will be present. Of course, fear is downturn, not control, thoughts about possible consequences in the future, which undermine momentary consciousness, so I must focus on the present task. Conscious exercise will help me.

Yoga is the ultimate conscious practice – both of which are self-evident and play an eye for other activities. Asan yoga is not forced to be present, not the same risk as the vertical wall. That is why the mind moves easily to other places, but if yoga is present, he has developed extremely powerful abilities. Bring this ability to extreme sports, like climbing, and you will be able to leave the fear and stay full at the moment.

The world's largest mountaineer, Chris Sharma, both shows and talks about climbing as the best way to make zen mode – which is a good way for both masters of the road and good experience;

"I do not think I can concentrate on the way I went when I climb up and run a whole amount of energy in such a way that I completely lose myself." This presence is consciousness. It's zen. And when it comes to activities, zen in chi.

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