Yoga – Benefits

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On a physical level, yoga and cleansing practice proved to be extremely effective in the case of various abnormalities. Below is a brief overview of some of yoga's benefits.

  1. Flexibility – Yoga allows flexibility to prevent bad posture and back pain.
  2. It creates muscle pain. – Strong muscles help prevent arthritis and back pain.
  3. Improves your posture – Bad posture causes pain and spinal degeneration. Yoga prevents sliding and cures bad posture
  4. Prevents cartilage and joint decompensation – Yoga ensures complete movement of all joints, preventing degradation due to illness
  5. Protects the backbone – Yoga at the back and twists are held the ribs are springy, thus strengthening the backbone.
  6. Bones for Bone Health – Many movements in yoga asan strengthen bones. Yoga reduces the level of cortisol-stress hormone, which keeps the calcium intact in the bones, leaving it strong and healthy.
  7. Increases blood flow – Exercising yoga in relaxation helps in blood circulation. Many of yogis present the flow of venous blood into the heart. Poses promote hemoglobin levels, preventing anemia.
  8. Cleanses the lymph and increases immunity – Yoga helps the lymph drain (immune-rich fluid). Drainage of this fluid helps to overcome infections, kill cancer cells and release toxic waste
  9. Increase heart rate – Increase heart rate reduces risk of heart attack and depression
  10. in particular Savasana, lowers hypertension [19659003] Control the adrenal glands – The adrenal glands cut off cortisol in the stress condition. However, if cortisol levels are still high, it damages the immune system, causes memory loss and leads to permanent brain damage. Yoga is known to reduce hormone levels
  11. Fairly happy – Constant yoga practice reduces depression, increased serotonin levels, decreased monoamine oxidase levels (neurotransmitter degrading enzymes) and cortisol. All of these factors contribute to a sense of happiness
  12. Finding a healthy lifestyle – Yoga increases exercise, reduces nutrition leading to a healthier lifestyle
  13. Reduces blood sugar – Yoga reduces blood glucose and LDL (poorly)
  14. Help Center – Regular Yoga Improves Coordination, Memory, IQ and Reaction Time
  15. Relaxing the System – Yoga helps regulate breathing, helps reassure and soothing
  16. Improve your balance – Yoga helps to put it in a bad position and improves its balance
  17. Maintains the nervous system – Yoga improves the pool's blood when you are pregnant, get pregnant, and have insomnia.
  18. Releases the tension of the limbs – Yoga helps to identify where the tension is in the body. The Continuous Practice of Yoga Will Help Free the Tension
  19. Helps Sleeping Deeper – Yoga helps less stressful, less tired, and better sleep.
  20. Reinforces the functioning of the immune system. Yoga increases the level of antibodies in infections resulting in better immunity
  21. Lung to breathing – Yoga improves lung function, including maximum volume during breathing and effective exhalation
  22. Prevents irritable bowel syndrome and other Digestive Problems – Ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation develop as a result of stress. Yoga is therefore responsible for cleaning all the bodies of the waste and preventing these abnormalities.
  23. Focus on calmness – Yoga frees stress, helping migraine, insomnia, lupus, MS, eczema, high blood pressure and heart attack. Increase Your Self-Esteem – Yoga helps you understand its true value, teaching you that you are the manifestation of the Supreme Being.
  24. Simplifies pain – Yoga can reduce pain due to arthritis, backache, carpal tunnel syndrome or other similar chronic condition.
  25. Provides Inner Strength – Yoga
  26. Helps Drug Preservation Conserve – Studies show that asthma, hypertensive type II diabetes have reduced drug dose due to yoga
  27. Yoga helps humiliate , make friendships, use sympathy for better relationships.
  28. It uses sounds to reassure the sons – Yoga helps to shed the sinuses better due to regular meditation and chanting
  29. Keeps allergens and viruses – Exercise yoga helps to clean the intestine, lead the sine and prevent the formation of mucous membranes.
  30. Stimulates Self-Yoga – With regular exercises you can take better care of yourself. [19659003] Use the placebo effect, affect the change – Yoga increases your confidence in confidence and leads to a positive attitude. It's a sort of placebo effect that helps cure your illness.

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