Yoga and the mind / body relationship

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Yoga is best known for its healing ability and mental tranquility. How Does Yoga Work?

The body has two nervous systems, sympathetic and parasympathetic. A sympathetic system called a "fight or flight" system may lead to increased blood pressure, respiratory growth and stress hormones to flood the body. It prepares the body for battle, and in today's world it happens when we are tense or excited. This system, if over-stimulated, may cause health problems such as ulcers, migraines and heart disease.

The parasympathetic system is just the opposite, it reduces blood pressure and slows down the speed of your breathing. It frees blood from the gastrointestinal, reproductive, glandular and immune systems of the body because it does not have to run to the muscle. These systems include the organs that are essential for long-term survival. The body has time to heal the damage of daily battles. Long, deep breathing exercises encourage the functioning of the parasympathetic system, enabling relaxation and healing. The breath-taking meditations practiced by yoga stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga encourages the mind to calm down. Focusing on your breathing, your mind does not migrate and is encouraged to stay in touch with the body nowadays. The more we dream and remember, the less we can open to good things. We tend to skip the present moments. There is a relationship between emotional and psychological states and the pace of our breathing. When we are excited or frightened, we take shorter, faster, shallow breath; if you are sleepy or very relaxed, our breathing is longer and deeper.

Yoga teaches the mind to change the breathing pattern to lower it slower and deeper, and simply affect the state of our mind, calm and silent. Over time, those practicing yoga will think and think of the state of peace, which leads to patience and understanding. Breathing helps to concentrate on joining the present, helping us start from previous grievances and sadness, the world without seeing our false expectations. Those practicing yoga accept themselves and others as they are.

It has a physical impact on people's mood. Strengthening the muscles and joints helps to feel better physically, reduce blood pressure and stimulate the immune system, and lead those who practice yoga along with physical health and exercise the state of peace.

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