Yoga and health benefits

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Most people who actually benefit from yoga are those who practice and continue practicing. Often, beginners once and for all never try yoga again. They do not see how they reach their bodies or place their life in uncomfortable poses. Here are 5 reasons why yoga lovers like exercise:

1. Yoga relaxes:

When exercising yoga, you need full attention. Practice allows you to get away from the long, hard day and get in. In an hour, his practice requires him to be in the moment. Most of the day we are busy or working or planning plans or thinking about where to go, what to do … During this time, your mind needs to focus and remove all the things you've done or need to do, because in order to see any position or listen to the instructor's direction, you must pay attention. If you leave behind your job or miss your thoughts on your "business", that hour, you clear your mind. If your mind is clear, you can better reflect the past, plan your future, and enjoy the present. Yoga Strengthens the Body:

Yoga Training – The Mind! There is no doubt that yoga postures and poses strengthen your muscles and help you lose weight and treat cellulite. This also depends on how often they are being practiced (outside and outside the mattress). Regular exercise will strengthen more than others. Yoga allows you to become acquainted with your own body. What do you mean? What do you like or like? It teaches you physical limitations, physical abilities and physical preferences. How can you strengthen your body without first acquiring your own? In practice, you can determine whether you are a back-bender, a lever balancer, or both! I can tell you I never thought of being flexible before I started practicing yoga. Over time, I discovered that I am more flexible than I thought (in my body and in my mind). Flexible and open in the mind, it allows its elastic and open body. Try it, you have to win everything.

3rd Yoga Strengthens Consciousness:

Simple – "Healthy Body = Healthy Mind". Yoga offers tools that help us to think clearly. He says, "How can you help me upside down to clear my mind?" Well, turning upside down turns your blood flow to your brain, which is aging and pumping new and fresh. In addition, the practice of yoga (asana) will do its best to bring you along the carpet. For example, as you exercise, one goal is to keep your body still soft. This is called Sthira Sukha. (Sthira – company and alarm) and (Sukha-light and no voltage). Sounds like a cake? Think again! Our practice helps to find this balance, because by finding balance we can move on to our practice. Anyway, they simply stay posi. Think about how this can improve your life outside the mat. In the workplace, employers prefer those who are able to drive, strong and strong, talk, fast (attributes that Sthira brings), but they need those who stay calm in crisis, have problem solving skills, are polite, communicate with others (properties , brought to Sukha). Would not both be beneficial to your workplace? Absolute.

4th Yoga Teaches You to Prevent:

Not only does yoga help you reflect and resolve all your problems (even those you have not noticed) but help prevent future problems in your life. Yoga increases your thinking skills. Sometimes we like to work things over and over again, and we hope or expect other results each time (definition of crazy). I know I'm guilty too! Yoga practice is that the little bulb that comes up in your head and tells you, "Hey, maybe I'll try something else, because that obviously does not work." So you can ask, "How can yoga pose help with this?" That is why: As positives teach you about your body, you will also learn how far you can go, or you may have gone too far. If your body does not feel good in pose or causes pain, you are prompted to be KELL and try another or modified pose that is better for your body. See the link? Many times these concepts do not even notice. We start to say, "Yoga is good, has a better mood, has changed my life … etc." As we begin to practice, I begin to recognize the things we are on our way and know more sooner than we did before, we will take care of pure conscience. Over time, this becomes a preventive tool.

5th Yoga Changes Elderly Habits:

Do You Know Your Bad Habits That Are Very Challenging? Well, here is where Yoga can help you in your life. Yoga practice recognizes everything you did not know about. Simply because – as mentioned above – requires full attention. As you learn about yourself, you recognize your habits (good and bad). As you know, the first step in the change is to recognize the problem. In this case, he recognizes his bad habits. Sometimes we are not fully aware of our habits. How can we change them if we do not even know they are? By practicing yoga, we learn about our body, our preferences and our health. Of course, we pay close attention to ourselves as studying our own self and seeing the outside world. This is not so easy, especially if we get so much stressed and busy in our lives. As we practice with time, we are extremely sensitive to the perception of ourselves and when we clearly recognize their habits. To get to know more deeply, we begin to recognize how we can better shape our habits, or change things in other areas to help balance things we can not change. For example, excessive smokers or drinkers who want to stop their habits are almost impossible to let go. Co-operation with the body teaches the concept of "letting what does not serve me" over time. Over time, practice and the most important commitment, change will come, and that will of course happen.


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