Yoga and Christianity conflict?

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As a practicing Christian I have very few Yoga, which is contrary to Christianity. Some criticisms say that yoga and Christianity can not exist together, and yet we know that yoga is not a religion.

However, this depends on your opinion. I recently read somebody who claims that Kundalini is "the witchcraft of the new era."
Regrettably, another person has recently stated, "Good Christians should avoid the devil's exercise" in regard to yoga.

Salem witch experiments are still so close to our heart? These statements are interesting because ministers and practices have practiced meditation for thousands of years without complaints.

I guess if someone is devoting enough time to meditate on bad thinking, meditation would be a bad experience.

To be honest, it depends on what you think; and are actually taught in some schools of Yoga, Hinduism or Buddhism. For me, this has always been a conflict, because I like yoga, but I have no desire to change my faith.

Many doctrines of yoga and meditation are not sectarian. Well, if Yoga was a religion, what would that be? Yoga principles are universal.

Yamas and Niyamas are in principle similar to the Ten Commandments, but as a Christian you have the right to choose and choose what you want from yoga. You also have the right to avoid sectarian ashrams.

Yoga practice and meditation gives many Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, and Mohammadans to God, but there will always be people who feel tempted to change their faith.

Let's be honest, people who are worried about the sudden change of faith are largely rooted in two different thinkers' camps.

first Someone who is on the fence of their own religion and is not sure where they actually are.

2nd Serious intolerance of any idea that is new or opens the mind.

Let's just stop intolerance. When you drive or wait or face someone who is different from you, please set an example for your children and pause to the other.

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