Yoga – a brief historical view

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Some of the earliest paths of Yoga have already come back 7,000 years ago. Some scholars still claim that Yoga was created from the Latin rituals of the Stone Age. The Scriptures of the Hindu Religion, or Bhagavad Gita, Krishna Christ return twice to Kryia Yoga. These scriptures are estimated to be more than 3,000 years ago.

A French archaeologist discovered and discovered a Neolithic settlement (around 7,000) in Mehrgarth, Pakistan, between 1974 and 1986. Ahmad Hasan Dani, professor of archeology
"The discoveries of Mehrgarh have changed the Indus civilization". This is because they found cultural similarities between Mehrgarh, a Neolithic settlement and modern Hinduism.

Mergarh's shamanic culture generally shows that it influences Hindu ideas, symbols, and ceremonies in the present. Ancient shamanism and early Yoga showed the same similarity as both of them wanted to go beyond the human condition. The figurines at the site of Mehrgarth's depot represent the yoga positions still in use.

The primary purpose of shamanism was to heal those members who were in their community and at the same time functioned as religious mediators. Archaic Yoga has set the same goals as the community oriented and aims to determine the order of things through senses and inner vision that could then be applied to everyday life. Over time, yoga developed and focused on the inner experience. Yogis then began to focus on how individual enlightenment can be achieved.

It is widely acknowledged today that many religions have the actual roots of shamanism that we know have led between known and unknown. Shamanism can be considered as a belief system of people living in the Stone Age. Earthly life has always been a challenge. Even in modern times, many people are starving, even if technology exists in space.

This suffering is not easy to see, and individual inertia is very difficult to reconcile with one's own suffering and with others. This may be one of the many reasons that most over-the-top people seek shelter in some faith or belief system. If you have a belief system or faith, you will escape.

It does not prevent people from waging war on one another, in fact, on the contrary, the most dangerous conflicts that are perceived today are rooted in disputes over belief systems. This explains why yoga has evolved from religion and modern yoga, as it is known today, can not be considered a belief system or a religion.

The first true teachings of Yoga are found in the Vedas, which are the ancient texts recorded by the Indus Sarasvati civilization. The Vedas are considered to be the oldest scriptures in the world and can be described as compilation of the hymns of the great powers. These include the first known ritual descriptions designed to outweigh the limits of the mind to prevent divine revelation. These are referred to as Pre-classical Yoga.

The classical era of yoga was presented by the works of Master Patanjali, who now write their commonly popular Sutra. The scientist generally thinks that this could have happened around 200. Sutras in modern terms can be described as "enthusiastic expressions of truth" or aphorisms. According to rumors, if he understands all the Sutras, Divine Revelation follows by default. It has hundreds of sutures.

The short historical perspective of yoga is incomplete if you stop at the classical stage of yoga. At the turn of the millennium, yoga spread in different shapes. According to the theory this was due to the need for standardization. There are many different yoga schools, many of which still exist today, such as Hatha or Tantra Yoga or Kriya Yoga.

In his autobiography, Paramahansa Yogananda explains that he was the second master whose task was to make Western civilization known. The first Swami Vivekananda, the Sanskrit word "swami" translated "master" who went to America in the XIX. At the end of the century. In recent decades, yoga has developed significantly and rapidly. From the clever science that is only accessible to the Indian brahmate, it has become a mainstream activity that can help every living creature evolve beyond the Mayan.

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