Yoga – 3 types of pores naturally reduce blood pressure

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Yoga asan is a great advantage in controlling hypertension. By using these asans, it not only reduces the number but also reduces the effect of high blood pressure on the other organs of the body. There are three types of asanas that lower your blood pressure.

Forward Turn

The forward bends will be most effective. These unique exercises have a sedative effect on the brain by normalizing brain circulation. This, in turn, helps to reduce stress from oriens in the sense.

Brain, sympathetic nervous system and sensory organs are more relaxed, heart output and heart rate slow down, stabilize, and thus reduce blood pressure.

Especially on two axes, Uttanasana and Adhomukha Svanasana, which have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. These positions allow them to rely on the props on their heads, allowing the blood to circulate freely in the aortic flank, thereby reducing the pressure.

Sitting Asanas

Baddhakonasana and Virasana are two poses that help alleviate severe breathing with high blood pressure. It is easier to breathe the tension removed from its ribs and intercostal muscles and normalize its blood pressure.

Opposites and Invertations

Ugly poses, such as Supta Baddhakonasana, specifically relax the abdominal area and help nerve rest assured throughout the body. The sedative effect of the nerve reduces the hypertensive tendency.

Inversions Asanas, such as Viparita Karanti and Halasana, serve the lungs and revitalize the membrane control nerve. Svanasana and Pranayama help regulate the automatic nervous system by cooling the senses and the mind, allowing the stabilization and gradual reduction of high blood pressure.

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