Why is yoga, Kung Fu, and the right to have a big toe

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Have you ever considered the question of why yoga works? This is a big question and I did not find many good answers to it. In fact, some entrepreneurial boys ask the question for an eastern genius, and I see a lot of circumvention and philosophy … and there is no real answer.

The next day I tried to do a yoga job and listened to a girl in a Yoga CD course and tried to contact Kung Fu as I knew and on CD on CD suddenly they said something that I would blink. Tompán said, "It took me three years to do this asana of yoga." I stopped the CD and waited for the statement.

He had three years of work and discipline to make his body work. He was proud, perhaps a sinister version of satisfaction. And I do not think she really was yoga.

It was a coffin. He did not say he was considered a spiritual being, but he was satisfied. "He was able to do strange things with his body. What he said had to do with keeping his body in an asana of yoga and having nothing to do with the psychic side of the subject [19659002] One of my odd kung fu tricks is to practice yang's long form in a dark room with no light and eyes closed. This is what I do because I started practicing Karate martial arts, that is, with empty hands and realized that I could not use empty hands without developing empty thinking, I have just tried to reduce the attractiveness of the senses and bring awareness to the unified and concentrated practice of martial arts.

To understand this in yoga, close your eyes and find out your right toe. You must be aware of your right toe with no sense of body. You must be aware of the need to be aware of body sensing devices (eyes, taste, hearing, etc.)

If you can keep the body motionless, you can reduce your sensation and become conscious only, you are on the path of true yoga. If you understand the difference between the body's sensory devices (vision, smell, etc.) Between and knowingly, we are on the path of true yoga. If you know how to become acquainted with the body as a spiritual being, you are actually doing yoga.

In painful postures, you do not have to shape the body. You need to put your body in position … you do not even have to have an official yoga … and stop your senses and grow your awareness. The difference between perception and consciousness is why yoga works, why there is kung fu and even better toe, too.

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