Why is optimal brain fertilization important?

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Your brain's Eater

About 3 pounds, you can not expect your brain to need enough fuel – but that's right. When inhaled, 20% of the oxygen filling your lungs is always directed towards the brain and consuming a significant amount of nutrients leads to your brain. So not only is what you eat, it affects muscles, bones, and organs, but it has a huge impact on the brain's performance. Without proper fuel and nutrients your brain will be much less optimistic – and the result may be slowness, concentration difficulty, and accessibility to note important words, appointments and details.

What to do to feed the brain?

First of all, it is important to understand that a variety of protein sources, fats, carbohydrates – essential nutrients for life. The natural source of these nutrients is almost always a better choice than processed foods. If you change your diet, including fish, in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean meats, you will probably be quick to experience increased energy, clear thinking, and greater prosperity. You should also focus on ensuring that you have enough essential (19459005) essential fatty acids (19459006) – these are the fats you need in your body, but your body can not get any other nutrients. They should therefore be consumed from natural sources. Essential fatty acids known as Omega-3 are extremely important for brain nutrition and are present in many types of fish. Many walnuts also offer Omega-3 – almonds, macadamia nuts, walnuts and cashew nuts are a few varieties of nuts that are usually available in an adjacent grocery store.

Most importantly to avoid fast food! The fast food contains a large amount of fat that harms not only the brain but also the cardiovascular system. Often, when you have to choose what to eat, it is not necessarily a perfect choice, but it is better. Do this and improve brain nutrition, health, mental power, and quality of life!

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