What nutrition does the tomato have?

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Tomatoes provide the body with lycopene, a valuable source of nutrition. Lycopene has been shown to delay cell damage by causing many types of cancer. These include colon cancer, prostate cancer prevention, and breast cancer. This is the mineral of the film inside a logo that helps these crabs.

Vitamins C and A are also present in tomatoes. Vitamin C is a vitamin that protects against free radicals, that is, compounds that destroy healthy cells. Free radicals break into the immune system and therefore promote viruses and other diseases that we do not want. Vitamin A plays a role in improving vision and helps you strengthen your immunity from colds and fluids. A cup of natural tomatoes gives you more than 50 percent of vitamin C and about 20 percent of your vitamin A.

Tomato is also strong in niacin, which is water-soluble vitamin. Niacin reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, so a healthy low fat diet that is rich in tomato sources significantly reduces lipid levels in the blood.

Potassium is a mineral that a body needs to survive. Miner has a lot to do to help your neurons work and give the body the proper strength. The risk of high blood pressure is also reduced by eating potassium-rich foods. Tomato is a food that provides a large potassium source with banana. At least 10% of daily demand is provided.

Tomato also carries chrome. Chromium is a mineral that lowers blood sugar and migraine headaches.

Tomato juice helps in blood clotting. This is due to the fact that the tomato juice has some special properties that help thinning the blood and clotting the platelets.

Finally, tomatoes contain vitamin K. Vitamin K is beneficial to the health of bones as they provide about 19 percent of the body's body daily. What Vitamin K stimulates the effect of osteocalcin. Osteochalcine is the one that makes most of the bone proteins that are not collagen. Osteochalcine levels in the body are then linked to the bones and therefore activate calcium for you.

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