What does nutrition really mean?

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Nutrition means to make sure your body gets the nutrients you need. Now, before anything else is done, let's take a quick look at Biology 101 to better understand what's going on in us.

Did you know that education is required for proper digestion? Digestion in the mouth begins with chewing and grinding of the food that confuses the food with the saliva that wetters the food and signals the body to start the digestive process of warning stomach to make acid and enzymes. The stomach begins to react to these signs before the food leaves its mouth. If you eat appetite, the digestive enzymes can not break the large amount of food and the result is incomplete digestion, absorbed nutrients, extra bacteria in the colon that cause bacterial overgrowth, gas, and digestive disorders. Simply put, digestion is a change in food in a form that the body can use, so-called nutrition. Many people eat without thinking about it, fully aware that food is a contribution to life, a source of quality health and energy. Keep in mind that today's eating habits are the result of behavioral behaviors that have been developed over a long period of time and repeatedly and repeatedly. They may not have been done. It's all a habit if you find the reason to be worth the effort and time to do it.

During our lifetime we lose the production of the necessary digestive enzymes that are necessary for effective digestion. By the age of forty, people can only produce sixty-five percent of the required normal levels and cut fifteen percent for sixty-five years. All the enzymes are run all over our body, starting by breaking the food that we use as a source of nutrition and energy. All cells in our body rely on the proper absorption of nutrients, and without them can be trapped in the whole trait of diseases. The food itself is essentially only a mixture of chemicals that are enriched by enzymes that release the benefits of vitamins, minerals, proteins and hormones in this diet and make it work in our body. Not much is done in the body without enzymes.

Raw foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables carry their own enzymes. The canned, cooked or processed food (which almost all commercially available food) requires enzymes to help digest them as zilch. Like money, enzymes are a kind of power. You can not burn them. Eater's task is to provide a positive physical climate for digestion. If you have a choice, select foods that are NOT refined or processed or as far as possible.

Something else we need to think about on digestion and nutrition. It would be a food to combine and not, it's not a fad diet. It only means that some foods are good together and some are incompatible. Different foods require different enzymes, require different time schedules, and when confused, one after the other are canceled one after the other, while some digestion while others lie and rotten in the digestive tract. Now this kind of action gives out blood-toxins that pass through the whole body and nourish the cells and organs that eventually cause a diseased body. Some quick notes: Eat similar dishes. No starch or carbohydrate, meat protein. They only eat fruits, especially melons. Do not drink beverages while eating. So what about American hamburgers, potatoes and soda?

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