Try to get pregnant quickly – 10 best tips for pregnancy

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1. Stress will affect your body by interfering with ovulation and reducing sperm production in men. Lower stress levels mean better male and female fertility. Emphasis does not help to get pregnant. Relax and enjoy and let the nature go by.

Weight and Training

2. Underweight or obese disease may affect your health and may have an adverse effect on your pregnancy. A healthy body weight significantly increases fertility chances. You should have a good rest, workout and a healthy diet.

Quit smoking and drinking

3. Smoking has a negative impact on women and partners. Medical tests show that 10 or more cigarettes a day have a negative effect on egg production. In men, cigarette smoke filters blood vessels, which negatively affects sperm by altering oxygen consumption and nutrient intake. Alcohol affects the hormones. It also reduces estrogen levels that interfere with ovulation. This may increase the chance of abortion. Alcohol consumers have low sperm count and decreased fertility.

Eating right

4. Before eating, you must eat and take the vitamins. 4-5 servings of fruit and vegetables should be consumed. This not only helps you maintain your ideal weight but also facilitates the balance of vitamins to improve your contraception. Take pre-natal dietary supplements with folic acid to improve fertility.

Learn what you need to know about how to become pregnant

5. Love should be kept regularly and at the right time. You should start a healthy lifestyle for at least three months before trying to imagine. Keeping the body and mind in the best condition improves fertility and reduces the chance of miscarriage.

See Dentist Regular Checks

6. The checks make sure that the teeth do not affect pregnancy. Untreated untreated gum disease may result in preheated delivery.

Regular Intercourse

7. It increases your chances of getting pregnant quickly. If you have a daily sexual relationship, you do not have to follow ovulation.


8. Timing is one of the most important factors of trying pregnancy. You would have missed your chances of becoming pregnant if the timing is not right. You can do some things to find out when ovulating. Use a thermometer to track the base temperature. Repeat the cycles to predict ovulation.

Sex Positions

9. The missionary situation is best if the woman is down. After intercourse, lift your hips to help sperm find their goal.

See your doctor

10. See your regular doctor for a forward looking visit and your husband is also tested. Talk to any questions and ask your doctor what to do to get pregnant.

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