Triathlon Training: Weight Loss

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One of the most popular topics in the triathlon world is weight loss and nutrition. When I first entered the world of triathlon, weight loss was my primary goal. They just left 50 pounds and needed a new challenge to keep weight. I've kept the weight in the past years with my triathlon training. Now, I've come to a new competition, and it's competitive. I'm 38 and I'm competing at age 39, which means I'm going to be a 40-45 year-old next year, and I hope I'll be more competitive. One of the most important areas I need to find is my ideal weight and how to get a few pounds.

Currently 180 to 6 feet tall 3 cm high. I have a big frame, but there is some extra fat between me. I think it would be most competitive in 170-175. I have been trying to achieve this specific gravity for more than a year. I can not find discipline to get there. Last year I was ballooning in 190 when I could not get away. This winter they belong to a gym, so at least run, cycle and swim in a warm gym. One of the areas that I have to deal with is nutrition. The truth … I love ice cream and chocolate, cheeseburgers, roasts and soft drinks. These nutritional mistakes are my nobles and I have to defeat them.

The good way to lose weight is not on a small diet, but in the long run gradually loses the pound a week for two pounds. To reach my goal, I have to pay about £ 10 for a week for two pounds a week. It would be convenient to get the necessary weight. Some people suggest a more weighty workout and lose weight while competing to make it easier on your feet. This seems to be a good strategy, but if you press the number of weeks, you left it, you will eventually try to crash a diet that will leave you more exhausted, you need to.

You have to figure out how to eat better, but let my sweet teeth have a cheating day. I'm just trying a cheating day every week to avoid some pitfalls in weight loss. I really do not think you have to change a huge amount of objects to achieve that goal. I work 5-6 times a week at a high level and spend 700-2000 calories a long time during exercise. You do not have to go to the dietetic diet, where food is diverted to another type of food. For example, I do not have to avoid all carbohydrates because it gives me energy in these long runs. I do not have to avoid all the meat because it gives me the protein for muscle building. You need a balanced diet. I need a certain amount of carbohydrate and a certain amount of protein in the diet. On my throat, you have to put vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. I have to remove all the cheating days except one. I need to see the cheating day as a reward. One of my most important questions is that it will be incredibly difficult to work, where I really will put myself, then reward myself with a Sonic supersonic double cheesecake. big cheese gator tot. This should be avoided. In any case, I have to avoid fried foods and have to make more grilled meals. I have to get fried potatoes and I have to go to vegetables or fruits. I have to discipline these areas to reach my goal. The issue of nutrition must be a priority for me to reach this sport next year.

My goal is to increase my protein consumption and slightly lower carbohydrate. During the week I want to get rid of most sugars and I will be playing poker as a Friday or Saturday. This can be a good time for weight loss and I will update as I progress.

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