Train Hatha Yoga for Happiness

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Does life feel like a carnival ride? How do we handle the challenges of life? What do you think of happiness? Hatha Yoga really opens the "Gateway to Happiness?" Let's look at the solutions to happiness found in Hatha Yoga's practice.

Life is often similar to carnival riding. Life "up and down" brings joy and pain. To a certain extent, everyone needs a certain amount of stress, but the Hatha yoga practice can help you measure the stress you are taking.

Imagine stress as water: we need some kind of water, but too much water can become flooding. Hatha yoga controls stress as a dam on water. We want a stable flow, but not too much.

How do we handle the challenges of life? Many people want to avoid challenges and stress but the right "dose", the challenges are what lasts longer. Begin or finish the day with yoga and face the day-to-day challenges of life with the positive energy in your heart.

What do you think of happiness? Money, wealth, power, fame, retirement or something else? All these things tax our spirits. The more we get, the more we want, the more we are bored and the more we have to worry about.

Happiness can not be bought. Look at the "rich and famous" life if you need evidence. Happiness is a choice, and Hatha Yoga can help anyone find the way to happiness.

Yoga can really open the passage of happiness? Completely! All forms of yoga teach meditation and Pranayama. In Hatha Yoga these concepts are sometimes secondary to yoga positions (Asanas). However, all three concepts together will help you feel more cheerful – even during the disastrous times.

Yoga can be practiced all day. When you show kindness, you will be grateful that you have helped someone. Loving kindness is a universal Yogic concept. This is just one of the many methods of "yoga on the carpet."

You can exercise loving kindness by donating to others. Let someone in front of you while you are driving or needing help. If you do not have money, loving kindness does not have to be material.
Karma yoga is selfless service; all you have to do is help or listen to someone who needs you.

Finally, every time you give, you help or listen, "come back". This can not be the primary motivation for helping others, but always rewards the donation in some way. This is just an example of the cause-effect law, which is also called "karma".

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