Top Kama Sutras Positions – Trapeze, Pleasure Mirror and Dragonfly

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Kama Sutra 1st Position – The Trapeze

The man is sitting with his open leg and his partner slowly penetrates, calms himself and fulfills his lover to supplement him. 19659002] Man takes the woman on his wrist while feeling great joy for him. Then sit back slowly slowly until it falls back completely. It is important for the woman to remain calm and to give herself the power of her lover, who attracts her arms and engages the powerful thrusts needed for lovemaking.

The situation combines multiple movements. It requires agility and calm transfer from the woman, as well as man's strength and skill.

This situation is ideal for changing routine and experiencing new emotions

Kama Sutra 2nd Position – In the Mirror of Joy

The woman lies on her back and raises her leg in a vertical position while her breathing betrays her joy, to show her wet and craving parts to her companion. Then he allowed her to hold her legs, her partner kneeling on her knees and holding her arm on the floor. Man enters, suppresses and directs, changes the direction of penetration and the opening of the legs. Their faces can not get close together, and man's hands can do very little in this situation. creates an extremely disturbing anxiety. The two bodies move together to reach the orgasm, giving each other the most varied movements of joy, sensuality, love and eroticism.

Kama Sutra Position 3 – The Dragonfly

the partners have to lie in a flexible and comfortable place, such as a bed or a sofa. The woman lies on her side, turning back to her partner and fixing from behind. Thus, the bodies fit in one another, in a position ideal for very beloved couples who like to show sensitivity to each other.

Combined with a little skill, with a lot of excitement, the woman bent her outstretched leg and places it on his baldness, so he opens the door of pleasure. A man penetrates when his lover's leg is used as a supporting erotic arm of his hips.

The man who can whistle with words in the partner's ear because he is so close to his mouth that he is a perfect companion to achieve the greatest joy in the blazing kisses . The woman just listened to catch the rhythm of her kisses, while her lover shows how her strength is influenced by the expression of intense pleasure.

Intrusion is halfway, which is why it enhances the pleasure of penetrating deep penetration and promoting the explosion of the most exciting orgasm.

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