Three Essential Nutrition Principles That Lead to Weight Loss and Good Health

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To achieve and maintain your goals, you need to develop realistic eating habits that you can follow in your entire life every day. I know there are some disturbing sounds, but this is the solution to restarting the restart, the Yo-Yo dietary carousel that many of you've been through all your life. If you have ever experienced some frustration with your weight, or you have lost your weight in the past to give it back, then what I do in the Fitness Know How center here will change your life.

The Truth About Diet Industry

Here is the primary reason why you should avoid dieting, proving it does not work. I looked at some statistics about the diet industry. There are contradictory numbers, so it really will be general. In 2003-2004, Americans spent $ 30 billion a year on diet programs. In 2008-2009, we raised spending annually to over $ 55 billion. With the money he spent, he would have thought it would be very fit and lean country. On the contrary, during the same period, obesity increased further. So we know that the diet industry does not have the desired answers. You want to lose weight and keep it down. You need to stay greasy so you can come over and over again and re-purchase your products and services.

Diet is a temporary change in eating, resulting in temporary changes in body weight. You can eat all the diets, but if you come back to think that you are doing right then you will return to existence; obese, overweight, fat, difficult, just lose the last 10 pounds, whatever it calls. And so you go crazy, over and over again until your life ends. And it's not just fun. To achieve the desired weight loss and maintain weight: now this is FUN!

Change your mind, now

I want you to totally let go of the diet. Seriously let me go! Tell yourself now: "I will never have another diet for the rest of my life." Do not you feel better now? Pressure is off, you can do this with success!

OK here is the bottom line. You will eat all day long (this is pretty obvious and easy). If you are overweight, overweight, greasy or severe, you only lose the last 10 pounds, whatever you are; you just have to change how every day you eat for a lifetime. Now it may seem scary to you, but you've got it every day. You just have to eat differently. No matter how much you eat every day, choose now to eat foods that help to be strong, lean, confident and healthy.

What I share with you will help you change your approach to food and meals and realize that achieving goals and feeling has never been so easy! It will simply be the way you live in your life every day. I have to share with you a lot, but now I want to introduce the "Three Great Principles" of the nutrition plan of the Center of Fitness Know How. The Great Three Principles

1. Whole, Natural Food

2. Eat proper portions

3. Eat every 2.5 to 3 o'clock

Eat whole, natural foods

Eat foods that are as close to the shape as you can. The minimum food processed is more nutrient dense. Nutrients are dense foods that nourish and nourish the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibers, antioxidants, and so on. The primary purpose of the meal is to transport the body with the required fuel. If the food is packed in a box, bag, packaging container or artificial ingredients and / or preservatives, avoid it in the nutritional program. Here are some foods that are whole and natural:



Hazelnuts and Seeds

Meat, Poultry and Fish

Custom Dishes

Now that you eat natural and full foods, digesting appropriate doses. Facilitating proper doses helps regulate blood sugar, insulin, cortisol and many other hormones. Dietary doses allow the body to utilize the nutrients and calories of all meals. If you eat too little, you often experience hunger before eating the next meal. When this happens, frequent snacks with rusty food will simply increase your blood sugar level. If the size of the parts is too large, extra calories (energy) are stored as body weight. Here are some general guidelines for the correct doses.

Protein – 4oz. (size of card pack)

Carbohydrates – 1/2 cup (palm size)

Vegetables – 2 cups (two fist size)

Fats – 2oz. (thumb size)

Eat every 2.5 to 3 hours

Eating frequency or what I call Meal Cadence should be 2-3 hours. If you have eaten healthy foods and have eaten the right amount of food, you are hungry every 2-3 hours. If you eat it, it will increase your metabolism, which is essential for loss of body fat. Two things are happening to increase your metabolism. One of the body's energies is to digest the food. This is the thermal effect of the food. So when you eat 5-7 times a day (which depends on how long your day is), your digestive system saves you more time. And two, the body learns that nutrients come at regular intervals, so they adapt and begin to use that energy immediately, instead of being stored as fat. All sorts of good things are being done hormonally, helping to lose body fat.

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